Early Detection Glaucoma Tester

An inexpensive highly accurate visual field tester that can detect Glaucoma earlier that current expensive testers used in Doctors’ offices. With 70 million …

Rochester Health presents Stamatia Destounis, M.D. Associate Professor, University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry – Attending Radiologist, Eliza…

Breast Augmentation: The Important Facts

There is not a shortage of reasons why a woman might choose to have breast augmentation surgery. For some women, the job they work, whether it is modeling or acting or another industry that relies heavily on appearance, might require it or it could be a way to get ahead. For others, the procedure might be a way to regain their appearance and self esteem following a heartbreaking mastectomy. For most women, though, it is simply a matter of seeing something they do not like about their bodies and wanting to change it. If you’re thinking of getting the operation done, here are the facts you should know.

In the medical world, breast augmentation is called mammoplasty. To perform the surgery, the doctor will place implants which will supplement and enlarge the size of the woman’s chest. These implants may vary as far as what material is used to create them, but the end effect is the same. The chest is fuller and typically rounder, being somewhat less susceptible to the forces of gravity (many women with implants can get away with not wearing a bra). The procedure takes place in an outpatient fashion and the woman can usually return to her normal routine after a few days, being able to resume exercise and other forms of vigorous activity within a couple of weeks.

When it comes to FDA approved materials for breast augmentation, women have two primary choices: silicone or saline. For many years, silicone implants were banned in the United States due to reports of the implants leaking or bursting and causing a variety of health problems. Those days are over, however, and most doctors say that there is little difference between the materials when it comes to safety. Silicone implants are much more popular these days, as many women feel they provide a more natural looking enhancement. Still, some women prefer saline for its perceived safety and because the implants are typically less expensive.

As with any form of surgery, breast augmentation is not without its risks. Any woman thinking about having the procedure done should weigh those risks carefully against the benefits. Some of the risks include the possible danger of a mammogram being ineffective on a woman who has implants placed over the chest muscle. There is also the risk of rupture, though the chances of that happening are relatively small. Finding a good plastic surgeon to perform the operation and carefully following his instructions will cut down drastically on the risks involved with the surgery.

For those women considering breast augmentation in Long Island, the surgery should be taken seriously. By choosing a qualified surgeon to perform the operation and following his or her instructions closely, the procedure will be a success. For more information on surgeons offering such services in your area, please visit: http://www.csnycosmetic.com/

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Diagnostic Imaging in Mexico, Market Outlook to 2020: Industry Size, Shares, Trends, Growth, Analysis and Forecast Report by Researchmoz.us

Albany, NY (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, and volume (in units) within market categories Angio Suites, Bone Densitometers, C-Arms, Computed Tomography Systems, Contrast Media Injectors, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound Systems and X-ray Systems. The report also provides company shares and distribution shares data for each of these market categories, and global corporate-level profiles of the key market participants, pipeline products, and news and deals related to the Diagnostic Imaging market wherever available.

View Full Report with TOC at http://www.researchmoz.us/mexico-diagnostic-imaging-market-outlook-to-2020-report.html.

The data in the report is derived from dynamic market forecast models. GlobalData uses capital equipmentbased models to estimate and forecast the market size. The objective is to provide information that represents the most up-to-date data of the industry possible.

Capital equipment-based forecasting models are done based on the installed base, replacements and new sales of a specific device/equipment in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers. Data for average number of units per facility is used to arrive at the installed base of the capital equipment. Sales for a particular year are arrived at by calculating the replacement units and new units (additional and first-time purchases).

Extensive interviews are conducted with key opinion leaders (KOLs), physicians and industry experts to validate the market size, company share and distribution share data and analysis.


Market size for Diagnostic Imaging market categories Angio Suites, Bone Densitometers, C-Arms, Computed Tomography Systems, Contrast Media Injectors, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound Systems and X-ray Systems.
Annualized market revenues (USD million) and volume (units) data for each of the market categories. Data is provided from 2005 to 2012 and forecast to 2020.
2012 company shares and distribution shares data for the market category.
Global corporate-level profiles of key companies operating within the Mexico Diagnostic Imaging market.
Key players covered include GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare and Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Browse More Reports related to Diagnostic Imaging Market at: http://www.researchmoz.us/diagnostic-imaging-market.htm

Reasons to buy

Develop business strategies by identifying the key market segments poised for strong growth in the future.
Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies.
Design competition strategies by identifying who-stands-where in the market.
Develop investment strategies by identifying the key market segments expected to register strong growth in the near future.
What are the key distribution channels and whats the most preferred mode of product distribution Identify, understand and capitalize.

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China Diagnostic Imaging Market Outlook to 2020

The report also provides company shares and distribution shares data for each of these market categories, and global corporate-level profiles of the key market participants, pipeline products, and news and deals related to the Diagnostic Imaging market wherever available. The data in the report is derived from dynamic market forecast models. GlobalData uses capital equipmentbased models to estimate and forecast the market size. The objective is to provide information that represents the most up-to-date data of the industry possible. Browse Full Report with TOC at http://www.researchmoz.us/china-diagnostic-imaging-market-outlook-to-2020-report.html.

Australia Diagnostic Imaging Market Outlook to 2020

The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, and volume (in units) within market categories Angio Suites, Bone Densitometers, C-Arms, Computed Tomography Systems, Contrast Media Injectors, Mammography Equipment, MRI Systems, Nuclear Imaging Equipment, Ultrasound Systems and X-ray Systems. The report also provides company shares and distribution shares data for each of these market categories, and global corporate-level profiles of the key market participants, pipeline products, and news and deals related to the Diagnostic Imaging market wherever available. Browse Full Report with TOC at http://www.researchmoz.us/australia-diagnostic-imaging-market-outlook-to-2020-report.html.

About Us:

ResearchMoz (http://www.researchmoz.us/) is the one stop online destination to find and buy market research reports. Our market research databases integrate statistics with analysis from global, regional, country and company perspectives. We provide the market context, competitor insight and future trends needed for strategic planning.

For More Information Kindly Contact:

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Toll Free: 866-997-4948

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Sending Personal Message With Flowers For Breast Cancer Survivor

The American Cancer Society approximates that a woman in the U.S. has a one in eight possibility of growing invasive breast cancer as long as her lifetime. About three million women in the U.S. are living with the disease.

Unluckily, almost everybody understands someone who has been affected by the most generally diagnosed cancer amongst women in the U.S. and worldwide.

Because its formation 20 years ago, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has assisted encourage the consciousness of this deadly disease by educating women concerning a variety of techniques of detection and treatment alternatives. Every October, the nation concentrates on supporting its awareness and investigation, while giving information on the newest tests and treatments that could recover the survival rate for women with breast cancer.

When you are sending pink flowers to breast cancer survivors – Online Flower Shop is one of the best alternatives you have in discovering a variety of flower shops in which you could order flower arrangements.

Any sort of flowers comprising cheerfully colored flowers are right for those who survived the chances of breast cancer. Send lovely flowers to state your private and exceptional message. Flowers are best to stand for each person’s triumph so sending pink flowers to the survivors. You could select certain flowers that stand for the character of the survivor in addition to how you experience concerning the cancer survivor.

There are other ways in making your message with flower arrangements private. You could select unusual flowers based on their meaning like birds of paradise, which is connected with enjoyment. Cactus alternatively is a symbol of staying power so it is suitable too for the survivors. Red carnations are ideal to send to breast cancer survivors as well since red carnations point to respect. Gerbera Daisy is the sign of strength and purity while the Echinacea is a representation of power as well. Palm leaves stand for victory and lavender heather is for respect.

These flowers could be sent exceptionally or in arrangement. You ought to keep in mind that Echinacea and Cactus are categorized as potted plants, not flowers. It is suggested that you tell your local flower shop concerning the breast cancer survivor in order that they could provide you creative initiatives in selecting the proper flowers to express your feelings.

Ordering flowers online is constantly the best alternative if you are intending to send flower arrangements to a survivor. There are various flower shops that respect the Breast Cancer Awareness month by making exceptional floral arrangements.

If you want to get some excellent resources on Breast Cancer, please visit my site on All about Breast Cancer or Breast Cancer and Personal message

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Breast Pump Products

There are many breast pump products on the market. Breast pumps are used to express milk from your breasts to feed your baby. However, these pumps are not all made the same. Learning how to choose and buy the right pump is very important. If the machine isn’t a good quality then it will just frustrate you when it comes time to use it. There are many reasons why you may want to pump you milk. You have to buy products that will serve you well.

If you are going to be pumping a lot then you may want to get an electrical model. They work faster and they stimulate the nipples the same way your baby would when suckling. There is the added bonus of being able to express milk from both breasts at one time. This way you can cut the time in half. However, if you feel that you won’t be using the pump that often then a manual pump is affordable and will get the job done. One thing you should consider when you buy a breast pump is the suction. You need to be able to control it for your own personal comfort. In some of these products they can cause pain in your nipple area.

You should choose a breast pump that is easy to use. That way you can express your milk quickly and get back to your regular activities. There could be times when you have to express your milk at work or in other places so time could be an important factor. Breast pumps should be accessories that make caring for your baby easier for you. It is a means of supplying your baby with the very best nutrition you can give them. You should always do your research. Take time to read reviews either online or in magazines. You can go online and find a lot of information about these products from other mothers.

In this way you can get the right information and the pros and cons of the different types of pumps offered on the market. With so many different models you should never have to settle for a pump that is not exactly what you want and need. Remember that different models have different features which will determine the price. If you can imagine there are actually pumps out there that are made to make you uncomfortable! The same people make formulas. The idea being that the mother will be so uncomfortable she will switch to formula feedings.

This is Michelle – I’m a mother of 3 kids, all under 4 years old, and I’ve breastfeed them all. It wasn’t easy, but I learned as I went and I realized how so many other moms either get discouraged and give up breastfeeding or never try it at all – it’s a powerful and wonderful experience,and I recommend every mother tries it. Sometimes, the right breast pump can help you, too.

Detecting Kidney Disease: Stages One And Two

Chronic Kidney Disease appears in five stages, ranging from an early stage with little obvious effect to a final stage where the patient is on life-saving dialysis or awaiting a transplant. Each stage has certain characteristics and means of detection. The more that people know the various signs and effects of being in each stage, the sooner they may get a proper diagnosis from their doctor. Early detection is the best key to effective treatment.

Stage One leaves the patient with 90% kidney function. The person can survive at this level, but it’s still necessary to detect the problem so causes and treatments can be addressed. If they don’t take steps at this point, the disease is very likely to progress to the next level. Stage Two leaves only 60-89% kidney function, as the damage to these organs has increased.

The difficulty is that there are no obvious symptoms of kidney dysfunction at either stage. This may lead to a lack of detection at a crucial time when the disease could have been nipped in the bud, or curtailed before it got much worse. So it’s essential that the person have their regular yearly physical checkups, including urine tests and extensive blood work. Even with no other physical symptoms, these tests can detect:

1) elevated creatinine levels (which indicate how well the kidneys are filtering out wastes)

2) elevated protein levels (another indication of inefficiency in filtering wastes)

3) elevated blood urea nitrogen levels (kidneys take urea from the blood and expel it in the urine, but if the blood levels are high, this is another hint of failing kidneys)

In addition to the potential for early detection with blood and urine tests, high blood pressure is a well known hint of problems with kidney function. The most often mentioned symptom is high blood pressure, which can either cause kidney disease, or be caused by it. So if a person’s blood pressure rises, this can be a spur to doing the urine and blood tests, either to detect kidney disease or rule it out. And all steps (medication, exercise, alterations in diet) must be taken to bring the blood pressure down.

If blood and urine tests indicate a possible problem, doctors can go further and take a kidney biopsy, do a CT scan, or perform an MRI. So even at these early stages, while it’s more difficult, it’s still possible to detect incipient kidney disease. What it takes is vigilance, and thorough, regular checkups.

Oankar Kundan is part of a medical family that practises a combination of western allopathic and eastern Ayurvedic medicine. For more information on treatment of kidney disease from this perspective, visit Kundan Kidney Care.

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Send Me On Vacation Announces Jetting Pink Across America: A Healing Journey, Awarding Breast Cancer Survivors a Dream Vacation

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) August 19, 2014

Send Me On Vacation is a 501 (c)(3) charity with the mission of sending breast cancer survivors on vacations to rejuvenate their body, mind and spirit and aid in coping with the emotional and physical tolls of cancer treatment. This upcoming October, the SMOV team will be flying across the country thanks to the generous contribution that JetBlue Airlines has made to Send Me On Vacation. “JetBlue was delighted to provide flights to help breast cancer survivors go on their dream vacations. As flying is our core business, this was a perfect fit for us. We align our in-kind support with our crewmembers’ passions. One of our pilots is a volunteer for the organization and was instrumental in developing this partnership, said Icema Gibbs, director corporate social responsibility, JetBlue Airways. “We are excited to support worthy causes such as Send Me on Vacation.”

“Volunteers like JetBlue pilot Alan Altman encourage both corporate and community involvement thus enabling us to send breast cancer survivors from across the country on a well-deserved vacation,” says Cathy Backus, the charity’s founder. “The vacation, following treatments, is used as a catalyst in supporting the emotional healing aspect of recovering from breast cancer.”

Send Me On Vacation has selected six members from the organization to jet from San Francisco to New York, from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles and end the tour in Las Vegas, Nevada. In each of the five cities, a walk will be held in honor of local breast cancer survivors who have endured the physical and emotional effects that breast cancer has had on their lives. Send Me On Vacation emphasizes the need for increased awareness of the emotional struggles survivors face in battling cancer and continues to develop programs to address the aftermath.

The entire journey will be chronicled on both the Send Me On Vacation website and Facebook page. At each of the stops, multiple vacations will be awarded to numerous breast cancer survivors during a fundraising event held in each city. In total, over 12 women from six cities will be given the chance to enjoy a dream vacation after surviving treatment for breast cancer.

The group has gained national media exposure on KTLA news and video in Los Angeles County, radio, TV and celebrity talk shows in order to bring light to their journey to raise awareness about breast cancer and the struggles that many breast cancer survivors face when the physical treatment has been completed and the emotional healing begins.

Send Me On Vacation is excited for this multi-city journey to raise awareness for the post-treatment needs of breast cancer survivors and to raise funds to send incredibly deserving women on vacations to heal their mind, body and spirit. For more information about all of the events that SMOV has planned for breast cancer awareness month, contact the charity today at http://www.sendmeonvacation.org or call Cathy Backus at 702-277-3812.


JW Maxx Solutions is a proud sponsor of Send Me On Vacation and are the leaders in content management solutions, online reputation management and digital branding. Locally owned and operated in Phoenix, Arizona, JW Maxx Solutions has maintained an A rating with the BBB for over six years. JW Maxx Solutions is part of a fine family of businesses including Reputation Maxx, Enterate Ahora and Prensa Ahora with an international reach into Canada and Latin America as well as throughout the rest of the world. For more information about the services that JW Maxx Solutions provides, visit http://jwmaxxsolutions.com.

The You That You Want With Breast Implants


When it comes to the most widespread cosmetic surgery procedures, the one topping the list time and time again happens to be breast implants. Once considered something to keep to one’s self, a secret of sorts, these days women are far more open about the benefits of investing in them. Whether it’s stepping up a cup size, regaining a fullness that has been lost over time, or simply making a few small changes that pay off big when it comes to confidence, breast implants are an increasingly popular option.
With a growing popularity comes better techniques, too, and less time spent in recovery or in the actual procedure. Since the beginning of the breast implants procedure, different materials have been used to accomplish a more realistic and natural feel, meaning that women who are considering implants nowadays have a variety of options for the material that will give the best appearance while also meshing well with one’s own body type and reactions. The physical incision no longer needs to be larger, as the latest pieces of equipment allow for a less intrusive incision, which means a quicker recovery time and a more efficient procedure, too.
For those considering breast implants, Los Vegas and a number of other cities provide top-notch care with a staggering number of different options for those interested in creating the outward appearance that they desire. For women who are interested in implants, it’s possible to choose a variety of different particular shapes, in addition to the different material options. Whether choosing between smooth or textured implants, it’s possible to opt for either the round or teardrop shape, and the incision options are also varied. Women can consult with their plastic surgeons and decide whether or not the best incision spot, based on one’s own goals and desires, is the armpit or under the breast. It is also still possible to opt for an incision below the areola, which is also a popular choice.
One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to breast implants is that they are only a viable option for those who are interested in markedly larger breasts. The fact is that a whole new you is possible in a number of different regards, not just enlarging the breasts. Whether it’s regaining volume that has been lost as a result of breastfeeding or simply getting the original shape back after a pregnancy, there are a number of reasons to consider breast implants besides simply increasing a cup size. Of course, the happiness in results is dependent upon communication with one’s doctor or surgeon. It’s important to know whether or not breast implants should be performed behind the pectorals muscles or on top of them, and how location and incision choices can impact the final appearance.
No matter the type of Breast Implants Las Vegas one decides on, it’s important to be realistic of how much the procedure can do, and how much time will be spent afterwards avoiding strenuous physical activities. The fact is that in less than a month, it will be possible to go back to regular activities while showcasing the brand new investment designed to increase confidence or regain a former desired appearance.

Breast Implants Las Vegas is about artistry, integrity, and excellence. There are many reasons people consider plastic surgery. Commonly, they want to look younger. Sometimes people want to change features with which they were never happy. At our Las Vegas Plastic Surgery Center we believe the purpose of plastic surgery is to match the way you look on the outside to the way you feel on the inside. Plastic surgery isn’t magic, it can’t change your life but when you feel good about yourself, including the way you look, other people respond to that sense of confidence.

Eyes, JAPAN が贈る医療系3DCGムービーです。 みなさん、乳がんに掛っておりませんか? 乳がんは、世界中でよく見られるがんで、西側諸国では女性のおよそ10%が一生涯の間に乳癌罹患する機会を有します。乳がんに罹患するリスクは年齢と共に増加する。日本人女性の場合、生涯で乳がんに罹患する確率は16人に1人(…
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A Plastic Surgery to Cure Breast Cancer

A common misconception on plastic surgeries is that they are only meant for vanity purposes, but there is a type of plastic surgery that also helps in treating types of cancer. Mastectomy is the surgical removal – partial or complete – of one or two breasts, chest wall muscles and lymph nodes done to treat breast cancer and other related diseases. Those who believed to have high risk of breast cancer may have the operation to prevent cancer. Males and females can both undergo in this procedure. General anesthesia is required for mastectomy. A plastic surgeon can perform four kinds of mastectomy procedures.


The first procedure is known as total mastectomy. This is catered to women who have the ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), which is the most common type of breast cancer. In total mastectomy, the plastic surgeon only removes the patient’s breasts and some lymph nodes. Chest wall muscles are not touched.


The second procedure is known as the radical mastectomy. This is for chest muscle cancer patients. In radical mastectomy, the plastic surgeon removes all the chest wall muscles, lymph nodes and breasts to keep the cancer cells from spreading.


The third procedure, on the other hand is known as modified radical mastectomy, where the breasts and axillary nodes, found near the patient’s underarm, are removed. The last procedure is known as the quadrantectomy mastectomy, which removes any sign of tumor in the chest area of young patients. After this procedure, the patient needs to undergo radiation therapy.


Before performing any kind of mastectomy, a los angeles plastic surgeon must first guarantee that no other procedures can be done for tumor removal. Mastectomy must only be performed if radiation therapy and chemotherapy are inefficient, if the patient is pregnant and if the tumor is larger than two inches.


All four kinds of mastectomy involve a lot of bleeding. It is therefore best that patients go to a certified los angeles plastic surgeon. Only a certified surgeon can guarantee that a patient will not have further complications from infection and excessive blood loss.


Aside from blood loss, mastectomy also involves plenty of swelling. The procedure can also reduce a patient’s upper body movement, so it is best to approach a reputable los angeles plastic surgeon to assist patients even on the slightest of movements.


If you have questions, please visit us at www.sunsetcosmeticsurgery.com/ for complete details and answers.

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New Research Supports Light-based Detection for Early Mesothelioma, Reports Surviving Mesothelioma

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) August 26, 2014

Cancer researchers in Hokkaido, Japan have successfully used an autofluorescence imaging system to identify mesothelioma and other pleural cancers during video-assisted thoracic surgery. Click here to read Surviving Mesothelioma’s new article on the findings.

Scientists at Asahikawa Medical University used a special blue light to measure fluorescent light emitted by cells. Pleural cancers like mesothelioma and metastatic lung cancer could be identified by their shift from healthy green to red-violet light emissions.

“The color spectrum shift was observed in all tumors located on the pleural surface but not in cases with pleural fibrous disease,” reports lead study author Masahiro Kitada in the Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

The study concluded that this method for identifying even tiny mesothelioma or lung cancer tumors could be useful for planning treatment strategies and surgery.

“One of the aspects of mesothelioma that makes it so deadly is the fact that it is so hard to detect in its early, more treatable stages,” says Surviving Mesothelioma Managing Editor Alex Strauss. “The idea that this photodynamic technique could help find even very small tumors is encouraging.”

To better understand what autofluorescence is and how it works, see Light-Based Diagnostic Tool May Find Early Mesothelioma, now available on the Surviving Mesothelioma website.

Kitada, M et al, “Photodynamic Diagnoses of Malignant Pleural Diseases Using the Autofluorescence Imaging System”, Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, August 20, 2014, Epub ahead of print, https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/atcs/advpub/0/advpub_oa.14-00162/_article

For nearly ten years, Surviving Mesothelioma has brought readers the most important and ground-breaking news on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of mesothelioma. All Surviving Mesothelioma news is gathered and reported directly from the peer-reviewed medical literature. Written for patients and their loved ones, Surviving Mesothelioma news helps families make more informed decisions.

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