Interview Preparation For Bank Exams

Before going for an interview, you need to find out everything about the bank from the date it comes into existence. Revise your application/CV/covering letter/resume, so that you can brush up your skills and qualifications and other points whatever you write in your C.V. For getting good marks in interview the candidate must be able to pursue and convince the interviewer that he have the right skills for the job and is the right candidate for the desired job, this will include your motivation, interest and desire for getting the job, how well you will fit into the company, along with meeting their academic and eligibility requirements. Candidate should dress appropriately in formals and try to reach before time for allowing possible delays. Remember a first impression is the last one! It’s a good idea to ask for a glass of water in between or before your interview, as you will be doing a lot of talking, but it’s also good to take a sip if you need some time to think about the question being asked during the interview. Ensure your sitting position in a way where you can address all the interviewers.

It’s a better impression if you know the names of the interviewers, and consider their various roles. At first meeting most people make an initial opinion of a person within the first few minutes of first meeting. According to a research employer’s impressions are made up of the following parameters: Body Language consists of 70 percent, while Tone of voice contributes 20 percent. What you say adds 10 percent to the personality and impression an individual have on another person. As soon as you enter the room you must be polite to everyone you meet, meeting everyone with a smile. You need to remain calm and confident at every stage of interview, Give a firm handshake as well, and don’t forget to maintain eye contact all the time during your interview. Try to make good communication between you and your interviewer by being down-to-earth, it is often quite a good way to have a few conversation openers, especially if the interviewer takes you to the interview room, it helps break the initial silence.

For better Interview preparation you need to prepare well for the interview from all respect, finding odd parameters like the history of the bank, its organizational structure, present market position and management style it follows, along with details such as- how big the bank is, it’s various branches how long have they been operating, what are their key income revenues and core areas of business, who are their major competitors in present market, and have they had any major upheavals or successes.

For Furthur Information You Can go to Upcoming Bank Exams Portal having Latest 2011 Bank Exams Updates and Notification with Information about Recruitment in Banks

Bank Po Exams In India

Banking PO- building career
In recent years every one out of three Indian student is looking for a job in bank. Every public and private sector bank is looking to expand his business in India. Thousands of candidates are applying for the post of bank PO every year but very few are managing to get the job. The student should kept the following points in mind while preparing for job
Educational qualification- the candidate must have a degree in any discipline from a recognized university or equivalent qualification by government of India. The candidate having good knowledge of computers is giving preference for their selection. The applicant must be between with minimum of 21 and maximum of 30 years as per date of filling up the form. There is a provision of relaxation of age for OBC and SC, ST classes. Ex- serviceman and commissioned officers who gave minimum of 5 years of military service also get relaxation in their age. Persons with disability like visually handicapped also get some relaxation in their age.
Selection for the post of bank PO for different exams in India is mainly comprises of two stages first stage comprises of written exams and after a candidate is selected in written exam then he has to go for interview/group discussion stage. Written test mainly comprises of objective test, reasoning ability, quantitative aptitude, general awareness and general knowledge about banks. Application procedure mainly comprise of online submission of bank entrance application form through official website of respective banks.
With the advancement of technology and the birth of competition, banks are in the race of becoming the best in the country. With an eye upon customer satisfaction policy they are providing best of the best services with the minimum hazards. The commercial banking structure in India consists of: Scheduled Commercial Banks and Unscheduled Banks. Scheduled commercial Banks constitute those banks which have been included in the Second Schedule of Reserve Bank of India(RBI) Act, 1934. RBI in turn includes only those banks in this schedule which satisfy the criteria laid down vide section 42 (6) (a) of the Act.
With the advancement of technology and the birth of competition, banks are in the race of becoming the best in the country. Selection based on Written Test and Personal Interview. It is for the aspiring candidate to ensure that he/she has met with the eligibility criteria and complied with the requirements and adhered to the instructions contained in the official advertisement given by the respective bank as well as in the application form. Candidates are, therefore, urged to carefully read the advertisement and complete the application form in all respects and submit the same as per instructions given in this regard at the given addresses.

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Male Patient’s Prostate Cancer Detection Took Three Years More Than Necessary

Doctors use 2 tests – a physical exam of the prostate gland and the PSA blood test to detect prostate cancer in men before they become symptomatic. Yet, regardless of whether a physician tests a male patient the tests are meaningless if the physician does not inform the patient, follow up with a referral to a specialist or conduct further testing in case of abnormal results. This can cause a delay in finding the patient’s cancer and a worsening of the man’s Look at the following review of a reported claim of a man whose prostate cancer was not detected until it had already progressed outside the gland. This occured whereas his doctor had test results that were highly suggestive of cancer for between one to three years in advance of the man’s diagnosis. The case was based on the allegation of a delay of between 1 and 3 years in detecting the male patient’s cancer.

A male patient went to his family physician for a physical examination. Due to the patient’s age, the physician conducted a physical examination of his prostate and documented that it was slightly firm on the left. This is an abnormal finding that is suspicious for cancer. The PSA, though, came back 2.35 (a level ordinarily considered to be in normal range). Nearly two years afterward, the man returned for another physical. The doctor now documented no abnormalities with the prostate but the PSA test was 4.18. This is elevated and was nearly a doubling of the prior reading. Also this reading was nearly double the reading of the patient’s PSA from two years earlier.

But, the doctor had not told the patient that there were abnormal prostate cancer screening test results that were that raised suggested he had cancer, had not sent the man to a specialist, and had not ordered any diagnostic testing (such as a biopsy) to determine whether the abnormal test results were due to cancer or to a benign reason. It was not until the third year after the initial finding that the man’s physician finally referred him to a Urologist (who found the cancer) after a PSA of 6.8.

By the time of the diagnosis, the the man had metastatic prostate cancer. The man pursued a case against his family physician for the delayed diagnosis of the cancer. The doctor, however, claimed that he never got the report of the PSA test. As such, the physician asserted that he had not known about the increase in the patient’s PSA. The doctor also argued that the delay in finding the cancer did not cause an injury to the patient.

The law firm that represented the man reported that a settlement was achieved with the physician. The settlement happened over seven years after the person’s diagnosis and he had not had a recurrence of the cancer during that time. The reported amount of the settlement was for half a million dollars. The preceeding is not meant as either medical or legal advice. The above is merely intended as general information. For any health issues consult with a doctor without delay.

The end result of this lawsuit supports the observation that in case a physician fails to follow up on abnormal test results and the resulting delay permits a patient’s condition and prognosis to deteriorate that physician may be faced with a medical malpractice lawsuit. If you learned you have advanced prostate cancer and think your physician failed to inform you or take action when tests that showed the possibility that you had cancer you ought to consult with a lawyer.

Joseph Hernandez is an attorney accepting medical malpractice cases. To learn about prostate cancer and other cancer matters including metastatic colon cancer visit the websites

Do I Need A Mental Exam?

If you have suffered emotional distress as a result of employment discrimination, this may interest you. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) provides that workers who suffer emotional distress as a result of unlawful discrimination can obtain compensation for that damage.

A recent decision of the Supreme Court in Tarr v. Ciasulli, 181 N.J. 70 (2004) held that emotional stress claims are compensable without corroborative proof, permanency of response or other physical or psychological symptoms which render the emotional distress severe or substantial.

In a pending case, McGhee and Johnson v. Pathmark Stores, Inc., plaintiffs sued for discriminatory conduct in the workplace and claimed emotional distress damages. The defendant asked the court to force the plaintiffs to submit to a psychological examination. The defendant argued that the plaintiffs had criminal backgrounds and one faced domestic abuse charges and two had undergone court-ordered anger management. The defendant asserted that other mental, physical or social factors might have contributed to the alleged distress claimed by plaintiffs.

YOU BE THE JUDGE: Does an LAD plaintiff claiming emotional distress subject himself to the risk that a court may order psychological evaluations? The motion judge denied defendants request. The judge noted that the LAD was intended to provide an expansive remedy to plaintiffs and that the Legislature recognized emotional distress is sometimes a factor in assessing damages.

The judge found the plaintiffs criminal histories did not give rise to an alternate explanation for the pain and suffering claimed by plaintiffs and evidence of alternative possibilities would likely confuse the jury. The judge also noted there was no New Jersey decision which supported defendants request for an examination.

The decision points out that a courtroom can bring justice and may be the only way to protect your rights. Our Firm knows courtrooms; we have harnessed the power of the law in courtrooms to bring justice for our clients for decades in Paterson, Paramus, Passaic, Wayne, Montville, Demarest, Westwood, South Orange, West Orange, Closter, Freehold, West Orange, West New York, Morristown, Pequannock, Butler, Newark and throughout Bergen County, Morris County, Passaic County, Essex County and Hudson County. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you protect your rights in a new lawsuit or provide a Asecond opinion@ about your pending lawsuit. There is no obligation for the initial consultation. Copyright Samuel D. Bornstein, P.A. 2008-2010.

The New Jersey Law Firm and its attorneys are dedicated to client-driven results and protecting individual rights and business interests. For 40 years, the Law Firm has been recognized for sound legal judgment, immigration laws, real estate cases, litigation, contracts and advocacy in serving the transactional needs of both individual and business clients. If you need assistance with business or corporate formation and operations, or you seek legal advice about insurance defense, arbitrations, wrongful termination, environmental issues, bankruptcy, insurance, civil rights and other litigation alternatives, the Law Firm has the comprehensive experience, foresight, skills and talent to assist you to safeguard your assets, interest and investments. The New Jersey Law Firm’s highly devoted, motivated, experienced, skilled lawyers/attorneys and effective legal professionals are always there to assist you.

Author, Samuel D. Bornstein, is associated with the law firm (and has 40 years of experience in representing individuals and a wide variety of businesses from Fortune 100 companies that need specialized assistance to smaller companies that look to the firm as their “in house” lawyer for general day-to-day advice. The firm is experienced with transactional work and litigation, emphasizing corporate and partnership operations, employment.

The Qualifications For PMP Exam

Copyright (c) 2011 John Reiling

There have been a great number of individuals who want to take the PMP Certification Exam. But, only those who have the practical experience and knowledge about project management are qualified to take it. It has been at least 40 years since the Project Management Institute had assists professionals in project management and those who are PMP Certified will be easily recognized and acknowledged inside their own organization and also, around the world. If you wish to apply, you should acquire the required experience and the standards described about the Project Management Professional Role Delineation in order to get the chance on taking the exam.

The PMP Role Delineation includes the following attributes that aspirants should show in order to qualify to be a Project Management Professional:

– He is responsible of the project – everything about the project. He will manage and supervise it to its success.

– He should have the leadership skills to distribute to appropriate divisions within the project team in effectively working the project and deliver it on schedule even under the pressure of limited time, scope and budget.

– He must be skillful in understanding easily the knowledge about project management which was taught to him and be able to practice it successfully with specifically given project requirements.

In applying for the PMP Certification Exam, you should provide the important information about yourself, especially your PMP experience which will qualify you to take the exam. Every time you had been a part of making a project, record the hours. Detail those records which are divided into 5 processes: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing processes. You should collect experiences from these 5 process groups. Now, you are eligible to take the exam.

You also need have PMP education to be accepted for the PMP Certification Exam. You should gather both educational and practical experience for 8 straight years before you can pass the application.

For those who had High School Diploma and Associate’s Degree of Project Management, they should compile 5 years of Professional PMP experience. It is important that you have at least 7500 hours leading and managing projects. If you have obtained more than what is required, it will only be counted as one. Also, attaining 35 hours of formal PMP training is necessary.

And to Bachelor’s Degree Holders, they need to get, the least, 3 years of Project Management Professional experience but it should not overlapped. There would be 4500 hours required for leading and managing projects. They also must have 35 hours of formal PMP training.

Both Educational and Professional Backgrounds needs to be unique. There should be no experience the same as the other. Otherwise, it will not be counted. In recording your experiences, it should be specific and accurate. Just like what I said earlier, overlapping projects are counted as one. The details you should count for may include workshops, training sessions, and courses with topics such as time, scope, cost, communications, human resources, project quality, risk and integration management. Sad to say, to those who do self study and attend PMI meetings, these do not meet the educational experience that is required for application.

To gain information about leading projects, they are discussed in the PMP Examination Specification. In preparation to that, use PMP Credential Handbook and PMBOK Guide Third Edition – the standard for fundamentals of project management. Study them and earn more knowledge to have greater chance in passing the exam.

John Reiling, PMP, PE, MBA is an experienced Project Manager and certified Project Management Professional. John provides online pmp course. John also writes regularly in his blog,

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Fibroids along with the Detection of Uterine Fibroids

Roughly 30 to 40% of most women go through from uterine fibroids that happen to be generally benign growths that happen to be observed to the uterine muscle. Fibroids and their remedy carry on to generally be researched and a person of your essential elements regarded is that they primarily have an impact on black women of all ages. Most women of other races are also affected but to some lesser extent. This guide discusses fibroids and the detection of uterine fibroids.

It can be important to understand that most fibroids will not involve any treatment method and tend not to result in difficulties. Other fibroids however might bring about heavy menstrual cycles. The heavy blood loss associated with these heavy durations can result in anemia or debilitation. In other instances, these heavy intervals can cause a situation referred to as “compression syndrome”. This issue impacts the adjacent entire body organs which include the bladder main to frequent urination, or bloating and constipation.

Fibroids may press within the nerves and lead to backache or even a bulging abdominal location that is aesthetically displeasing.

It also can be confusing to determine if you might have fibroids or ovarian cysts. A doctor will be in a position to present a appropriate diagnosis. An ovarian cyst can be a fluid filled sac within the ovary that may also cultivate from the fallopian tube. A fibroid about the other hand is a muscle growth that may be reliable and smooth that develops within the uterus walls. Both equally are normally benign (non-cancerous).

Fibroids commonly build throughout the after reproductive several years and are already found in most women over 35 a long time of age in 1/three with the instances. As previously pointed out, they mainly impact black women or ladies who possess a relatives record of fibroids.

Fibroids will not usually develop signs or symptoms in most ladies and therefore are normally detected in much exactly the same way as ovarian cysts nevertheless regular pelvic exams. An ultrasound can also be administered to detect the fibroids. An ultrasound could also differentiate among a fibroid and an ovarian cyst.

Uterine fibroids generally turn out to be a problem once they turn out to be large in measurement therefore foremost to greater strain on the bladder or rectum or a protruding belly. Large fibroids may lead to heavy periods or severe discomfort inside the pelvic region.

Fibroids are most widespread in the uterus or womb and are benign. They usually produce inside uterine wall and attach towards the wall. They can also migrate outside the uterus. Fibroids can cultivate as a solitary tumor or produce into clusters of tumors.

Fibroids – When to Seek Medical Remedy

one. Pain inside pelvic region or abdominal spot

a couple of. Heavy or irregular menstrual cycles or bleeding or spotting involving periods

several. Night sweats or if you knowledge fever

4. Unusual increasing abdominal girth

five. Fertility concerns with inability to fall pregnant or other pregnancy concerns

Speedy healthcare cure should be sought if any with the following come about;

Prolonged or intense abdominal ache or extreme and prolonged pain inside pelvic region.

When the menstrual routine involves heavy bleeding that soaks up additional that 3 pads or tampons every single hour.

Should you encounter dizziness, shortness of breath or chest ache because of vaginal bleeding, etc.

In the event you practical experience vaginal bleeding linked to possible pregnancy or existing pregnancy.

Ahead of fibroids grow to be serious, you will discover a variety of holistic or organic solutions that have been shown to function wonders in treating and curing fibroids. These are preferred by a growing variety of most women mainly because they are really much less invasive and also the sufferers can stay away from surgical procedure several of which consists of a hysterectomy.



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Tips on Using Probes in Metal Detection

A powerful metal probe will enable you to pinpoint a target before digging thereby saving you a lot of time and effort. Probes with strong brass tips are popular as these are sturdy and ensure easy digging. The probes that you are using should not have a very sharp edge that could damage the coins and the gold nuggets that you are searching.

In rocky areas, you need to dog deep to reach up to the treasure. However in loose soil and desert areas, you can pinpoint with your coil and carefully push the probe into the soil to locate the target. After locating the target, loosen the soil above the target by rotating the probe in a small circle and navigate using the tip of the probe to the center edge of the coin and bring it to the surface. For a green horn this process might take a lot of time and bungled moves. However with practice you will work out ways and means that work the best to pick up the coins and other treasures from under the soil.

Probes are great tools for metal search and can be used even in heritage mansions and well kept gardens and parks without the risk of leaving behind ugly marks. Pinpointing probes with automatic tuning ensures faster digging. The push button mode change options make it very convenient even for those who are new into gold detecting.

Probes help you to yield more targets per hour and reduce the damage caused during digging. Having a probe also helps to fish out targets from under roots which are hard to retrieve otherwise.

Electronic Probes are well suited for faster recoveries of valuable finds and metal detection without large scale digging and disfiguring of the target areas. Electronic probes are available in both hand-held models and detector mounted. Hand-Held Electronic probes are typically useful in finding coins in sandy or dry terrain since it is impossible to keep the dirt plug intact and use the Plug-Splitting Technique if the ground is not moist. Probes thus help the treasure hunter to go about their excavation in a precise and neat manner as planned without making a mess of the recovery area, which make them well suited for every type of target areas including private farms and yards

There are many online sites on gold and silver detecting that offer handy tips on metal search. You can also buy the latest gadgets like probe and pin pointer in these online shops to make your treasure hunting successful.

Wireless Cameras Mysteries: What Is A Motion Detection Sensor?

So as to have confidence with respect to the security measures, you may also want to install some security wireless cameras which would be a smart idea. There are a lot of folk that trust their security to these wireless cameras. Have you got any idea as regards what kind of video cameras may work best for you? If not, the ones with a motion detection sensor could be a good choice.

This choice does not definitely mean that having a wireless camera without a motion detection sensor is no good in any way. It only implies that in having a motion detection sensor, you will get additional benefits for your cash. You won’t only be in a position to see someone breaking into your property, for instance, but you will also be warned immediately. This way, you will no longer have to sit in front of your security monitor twenty four seven.

A motion detection sensor customarily has an electronic or physical sensor with the capability of quantifying motion. These sensors form electrical signals from the motions it senses due to acoustic or optical changes in the monitored area.

Most motion detection sensors available can simply be incorporated into other gadgets which together will alert you in the event of somebody unexpectedly entering into your property. They may be able to work up to a maximum distance of around 80 feet or 25 meters. You can also install a motion detection sensor enabled wireless camera together with a thief alarm – and the nice thing is that you can either make the sensor light up out of doors areas or use an infrared camera. The light feature will tell everybody close by that something is occurring in your property.

Unfortunately motion detection sensors may give out false alarms, due to animals or pets moving round the area being monitored by these sensors. This results in folks no longer taking notice of the alerts sent by these sensors. When this occurs, probabilities are burglars will be able to break into a property easier.

Other problems with motion detection sensors include technical faults, both mechanical and electrical. Such failures could also cause false alarms. Animals, as discussed earlier, foliage, insects and waste blown by the wind can also trigger fake alarms.

This is why the invention of dual motion detection sensor technology came about, as the warning only goes off when both sensors have been activated. This definitely reduces fake alarms but lowers the security measures.

Nonetheless, if security is a priority for you, then wireless cameras with motion detection sensors are a definite bonus as they only turn on and start recording when a person unwelcome is coming on to your property. They give you footage of only what you need, when you want it!

Check online for the best range of wireless cameras. Thanks to a surge in produce of wireless cameras with motion detection sensors in China, you will see that costs are much lower than the high street in the West so have a look before you buy!

Get the very best wireless cameras online. Visit Chinavasion or paste this link into your browser:

Monetary Savings With No Cost Plagiarism Detection Tool

Copy pasting is the strategy of using or closely imitating the vocabulary or thoughts of a writer and claiming it to be a legitimate creation. This can be concerned with the attain of untrue popularity by doing false statements about her work.

Snatching the ideas, work, paragraphs of anothers work and passing it off as ones own is what a plagiarist does. Copying can be carried out in a lot of ways, but the most handy approach is to rephrase someone else’s words.

Possibly the purpose that plagiarism has become so frequent is the superabundance of knowledge material present on the website and its simple and totally free access. A number of individuals consider it genuinely legitimate and reasonable to plagiarise someone else’s work, and pose it with their own credentials.

Doesnt matter if it is lawful or not, copy pasting is a form of an intellectual property theft. Simply because of websites enabling an easy plagiarism, it has become a lot more difficult to tackle it. To counter plagiarism an altogether new business has spawned: webpages and application created to identify plagiarism.

Several softwares have been created for the detection, prevention, reporting and non-repudiation of the copied work. Google Alerts, Copyscape, Technorati Watchlists are the tools used for the detection of copied content. Once detected, copying is prevented. Fortunately, there are numerous tools to help such as CopyFeed and EBay Vero Programme. Similarly Numly, Registered Commons, and Furl are great softwares to help verify the creation of your article.

The systems that can be itilized to detect copying of text data are CopyTracker, SeeSources, Plagium, eTBLAST and Chimpsky. All of these, other than Copy Tracker are web-based. These systems are accessible free of cost.

The systems used for detection of copying of academic programs are JPlag, MOSS and Plagium. JPlag and MOSS are available for free but you have to enroll and the software will stay proprietary. These systems are available on internet. A number of personal ones like AC, CodeSuite, Sherlock, Plaggie, SID, YAP and SIM are also available.

An internet SEO can be helpful to detect plagiarism if you are searching for particular key sentences or keywords in a suspected document in the internet. It is very effective for small and typical fragments such as a poem or translation of a poem.

The major edge of using plagiarism identification computer software is that it will restrain students from plagiarizing others work. If students know that they are answerable to their teachers, as they will run all presented papers through a plagiarism detector, such as, then it’s likely to prevent them from even trying to plagiarise their homeworks and better to rely on their individual intellectual skills. Secondly, its also hard on the part of instructors to check each and every assignment individually for any plagiarized content. Anti-plagiarism tools offer them with the ability to search through a enormous internet database for any possible indications of copy pasting.

Alertness about intellectual defiance as well as these finding and prevention tools can help a lot in countering copying. These softwares may not be an ideal or a long term option, but they certainly have empowered content writers with effective approaches of monitoring and enforcing their content material rights.

Are you searching without cost plagiarism software? Try our proposed plagiarism checker for exclusive articles or blog posts writing

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Importance of Intrusion Detection for an Enterprise

If you are an enterprise which does not have a comprehensive IT security compliance program in place, and in particular information security, you are at very high risk! While implementing an effective security system can be very time consuming and highly expensive, it can certainly add to your bottom line, and more importantly ensure that you still have a business! So if you think your firewall applications are good enough to protect you from external and internal security threats, you are drastically mistaken.

Hackers can easily break through your firewalls, change your systems discreetly and leave undetected. Also, planting a Trojan to gather sensitive data from your systems can be a cakewalk for cyber criminals who use sophisticated technology for security attacks. And your antivirus software, your firewalls, and stringent access controls can do nothing to prevent this. That is precisely why you require an effective Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which can help by providing complete security to your enterprise.

So What Does IDS Actually Do?

An Intrusion Detection System can help detect intruders including unexpected, unwanted or unauthorized people or programs on your computer network. It can therefore protect your systems from unpredictable virus storms or security threats posed by malicious hackers. An ideal Intrusion Detection System should therefore:

Not just monitor system activities, but also analyze users as well as system activities
Scrutinize configurations and susceptibilities of various systems
Constantly review system and file integrity
Issue alarms/alerts in case of security attacks
Actively collect evidence about suspicious activities
Automatically launch back-traces
Recognize molds/methods of classic attacks
Look out for irregular activity
Follow strictly for any policy violations by users

Types of Intrusion Detection Systems

There are different types of Intrusion Detection Systems that you can employ depending on your enterprise requirements:

Application based detection
Host based detection
Network IDS
Abnormality based detection

However, before you choose your IDS, ensure that a detailed risk assessment of your enterprise and its systems has been performed. This can help identify your weaknesses and strengths. Also, carrying out a cost-benefit analysis can immensely help in choosing the right detection solutions for your enterprise. Likewise, with an appropriate Intrusion prevention system you can provide a completely secure environment for your business to function in.

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