Exams may be anxiety provoking for some candidates. They may worried about an exam for time before it is to take place and/or during the exam date, when tackling the question paper they may experience negative thoughts and unpleasant physical symptoms which prevent them from performing to the best of their capabilities. 

It is good to remember that exams are not there as punishment. Instead, they gave good opportunity and good way of testing to see how much knowledge you have learnt. Examinations test a student’s knowledge and understanding of a specific area. They bring questions from an entire syllabus together in a challenging environment and under stipulated time frame. Test value your memories and your skills, ability and capabilities to understand what you have learnt. They make you prepare before hand and, if they are unseen, they make you cover a lot of topics as you do not know the questions. They also force you to be specific, directed and focused, as time given is limited in most exams. 

Here are a few suggestions on as to how the candidate can prepare and get good grades in his/her exams. Remember that there are NO Short Cuts to get Success” The Tips listed down in this article have been gathered from lecturers and bright students and from teachers past and present experience. The aspirants learn in different sources, some of the advice is contradictory. Use whatever works for you; discard the rest. Before proceeding any further, first of all let’s see what the main Obstacles To your Success are. There are many distractions some elements in this list may be YOUR obstacles for preparation of your exam! Answer “Yes” to any item which regularly interferes with your doing well in school. If you have too many “yes” answers, Make a note and start working on it. 

1. Lack of a study timings 
2. Priorities unclear (What, when and how to study) 
3. unable to use short intervals of time span constructively 
4. unable to use long blocks of time span constructively 
5. during study hours, usually too tired or listless mood
6. jumping from one task to another frequently without completing one task 
7. not Studying on study table 
8. Daydreaming 
9. Can’t continue studying after a breaks 
10. Spending much time on socializing, talking to friends. 
11. Unable to say “no” to useless invitations to do some useless tasks. 
12. Making unrealistic time goals. 
13. Doing too much study at once.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Early Pregnancy

It is positive. I am pregnant? I am going to be a mother! I am going to have a baby

What a complete new world of feelings & emotions now opens up inside you. Incredulity, joy, fear, acceptance and excitement: the list continues. However for majority of women, they are eventually distilled into zeal, to discover out the challenges they are going to face in the subsequent few months.

In your life, at no other time will you experience as many emotional, physical and social out bursts as during the time when you are pregnant. Some women may know from the moment they conceive. Others make out from some clandestine signal which they or their husbands sense. Many women dont have a single clue until their bellies bulge and their menstrual periods finally stop! We are discussing here about the very first and early signs of pregnancy that women acquaint when they get pregnant. For some women, the changes are physical. For others they are emotional. In some women the signs of pregnancy are evident, like nausea and morning sickness.

Although in numerous cases, these indications don’t emerge until week 3 to 5 in any way.

The little clues that a women body sends as an indication of approaching effects are as follows:

A most common sign of pregnancy is a missed period.
Frequent urination is also a very common early indication of pregnancy.
Morning sickness may start in 2 to 4 weeks after conception.
In early pregnancy women may observe changes in their breast appearance. The areolas may become large and dark.
Fatigue is also an early sign of pregnancy in which a woman feel totally wiped out.
Craving for a specific food is a very common symptom of pregnancy.
When you are pregnant, sharp sense of smell may cause some odors to appear stronger than usual.
Pregnant woman may has an increase in appetite, or the totally opposite, not able to tolerate certain types of food
The hormonal and physical changes can cause a long list of body changes like backaches, headaches, acne, mood swings, constipation, and indigestion.

If you experience any of these early signs or symptoms of pregnancy, please visit your doctor or take a pregnancy test to see if the result is positive.

When a woman gets pregnant, the excitement and curiosity of the result is incredible which not many can deal with. Every woman wants to hear the good news of her pregnancy and have that beautiful feeling of having a baby grow inside her.

How To Treat Early Morning Heel Pain?

Have you heard of morning heel pain? Many people complain that they experience heel pain problems while exercising in the morning. You must be looking for ways to get rid of your heel pain as its disturbing you and giving you sleepless nights. Its very important to find out the cause which will help you to get the right medicines. You may develop heel pain problems due to many reasons.

Most of the times it happens due to any heel injury but sometimes other issues may also be responsible for your heel pain problem. Plantar fasciitis is actually the root reason of heel pain. It develops when the connective tissue gets attached with the ball of the foot. The tissue is actually covered with a fat which plays an important role in absorption. You may not be aware of the fact that plantar fascia helps you to walk properly as it is a supporting system of your foot.

You should walk in a proper manner as its the connective tissue which is the major reason of the heel pain as the connective tissue sometimes gets inflamed. Have you heard of Sore Feet problems? You should consult doctor who specializes in foot pain as sore feet make you uncomfortable while walking. Athletes, dancers, obesity suffers has more chances of experience this problem as their profession demands foot work.

You should always opt for good brands when it comes to footwear as ill fitted shoes are the reason of development of inflamed plantar fascia. When heel bone spurs develops in the edge of the other pain, it gives tremendous pain to the patient. In medical term, it is known as oseteophytes. These bones actually grow in the middle of two bones or can also grow in the place where ligaments meet with each other.

What these bones do is they take the extra space which means that the pressure falls on the other bones and results into pain. Sometimes, bone spur also develops due to some injuries or when the plantar fascia ligament start working more. If you have Heel Pain problem, you should avoid physical exercises such as running, dancing etc. Apart from these, Stress fractures in the heel area of the foot might also turn you up into a heel pain patient.
You must consult a doctor when you have developed heel pain problems as they can make your life a complete hell if you dont treat them properly. Go to a doctor who specializes in plantar fasciitis treatment as they are the ones who understand your problem. First, you will need to do an X- ray which will confirm the extent of damage done to your feet. It also helps to check whether you have any bone fracture or not.

Wearing an ill fitted shoe is a strict no, as they can make your heel pain worse. Orthotic devices and shoes inserts would be a good option to keep an eye on your foot problems. A good doctor and a timely treatment will help you to get rid of your heel pain problem. You can visit :

Jhon Mackbeth researching on the procedures for surgeries on lower foot pain. His research work is already being published on various medical journals.Visit :

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New Novel, “Fly Away Free” by Anne Coppola, Sheds Light on the Struggles of Adoption and Bullying

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) December 17, 2014

In the United States alone families adopted more than 7,000 children in 2012. Some of these children will face struggles with understanding their adoption. Tessie Farrell knows exactly how they feel.

“Fly Away Free”, the novel by Anne Turner Coppola, begins with Tessie Farrell, an older woman living in South Florida during the cold winter months of northern New York. When taking her morning walk with her dog, Heidi, she rescues a baby osprey. After taking the baby osprey home and caring for the bird, she lies down to rest and is transported back in time, as a young girl growing up on a dairy farm in northern New York.

In “Fly Away Free”, Coppola invites readers to follow Tessie Farrell, a young girl devastated after learning she is adopted, and of her struggles to understand why she was unwanted by her biological parents. Bullied by her classmates and isolated from other children, Tessie creates a fantasy world with the aid of her pet horse, Dolly and two pet geese.

Through Tessie’s courage and determination, the love of her adoptive parents, and the friendship of an older woman, Tessie overcomes her struggles to discover who she is and her place in her family.

“Fly Away Free”

By: Anne Turner Coppola

ISBN: 978-1-4990-4916-9

Available at Amazon, Waterstones, and Xlibris

About the author

Anne Turner Coppola earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree in teaching. As an educator, she taught elementary, middle, and high school students. Her empathy for children who were adopted stemmed from her virtual loss of both parents at a young age. Her father died when she was ten and her mother was hospitalized two years later. Anne was placed in a foster home until she entered college at 17. While in her first year of college, she met her then Air Force husband. After battling breast cancer for eight years, Coppola died in 2012. Coppola is also the author of “The Last Panther”, and “The Ghost of the Dunes”.



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