HRT Treatments / NHR Hormone Therapy and Weight Loss Plans Announces New Home Progesterone Test Kits, Allowing Easy Hormone Testing at Home

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 03, 2014

Walk-in clinics and doctors’ offices are quickly becoming a thing of the past for medical issues like hormone testing. Now, with the ease of home hormone testing, clients across the country have access to safe and effective hormone tests, with results delivered directly to their email inbox, as well as specialized hormone therapies like progesterone cream for low levels of the hormone. These in-home hormone testing kits are delivered to the client’s home, samples are collected in privacy and at the client’s own leisure, and finally sent into a highly recognized laboratory for quick and accurate results. Clients who decide to stop going to doctors’ offices for simple medical procedures like hormone testing are saving hundreds of dollars, yet getting the same results, including testosterone, cortisol, and progesterone cream and others methods of treatment.

The home hormone testing procedure is extremely simple. Interested clients simply visit HRT Treatments’ website, found here, and click “take the test now,” which will lead to a quick yet effective questionnaire designed by medical professionals to accurately determine symptoms that may be related to hormonal imbalance. Once these symptoms have been identified, clients may then decide whether or not to continue the process of home hormone testing by ordering a testing kit. Each kit comes directly from HRT Treatments, and can accurately test for nearly any hormone in the human body. Based on the results from the HRT Treatments questionnaire, clients may want to order only one hormone testing kit, or test for a wide range of hormonal imbalances that may be occurring. The options are nearly endless, and with the help of HRT Treatments’ unique symptom identifying questionnaire, determining which hormones to test for has never been easier.

HRT Treatments only utilizes bio-identical hormone replacement options when administering their unique therapy. This includes treatments like testosterone and progesterone cream. Synthetic hormone replacement treatments have been found less effective, and may actually be detrimental to the patient’s wellbeing. Studies have shown that “patients report greater satisfaction with HRTs that contain progesterone compared with those that contain a synthetic progestin. Bio-identical hormones have some distinctly different, potentially opposite, physiological effects compared with their synthetic counterparts, which have different chemical structures. Both physiological and clinical data have indicated that progesterone is associated with a diminished risk for breast cancer, compared with the increased risk associated with synthetic progestins. Estriol has some unique physiological effects, which differentiate it from estradiol, estrone, and CEE. Estriol would be expected to carry less risk for breast cancer, although no randomized controlled trials have been documented. Synthetic progestins have a variety of negative cardiovascular effects, which may be avoided with progesterone.”

HRT Treatments’ new hormone testing and replacement therapy is perfect for those who are feeling the effects of aging, or those who may naturally have hormonal imbalance and require treatment to attain normal health. The only way to determine if a hormonal imbalance is present is to test. Clients interested in progesterone cream can contact and consult one-on-one with a doctor to determine which test may be needed to determine an area of need. HRT Treatments offers a wide variety of tests, from a simple saliva collection to blood spot and urine tests to determine hormone replacement needs. These patients need only call the company’s toll free number, or if a specific test is already desired, visit the HRT Treatments website at and order a test kit from the online store.

HRT Treatments has treated over 10,000 patients across the country, with programs ranging from medically supervised weight loss plans, to prescription diet aids, and now home hormone test kits and replacement therapy. Clients can feel comforted by the vast experience of a well-established company.

The HRT Treatments customized male hormone therapy programs feature:

    A highly-trained staff of doctors and nurses who specialize in natural bioidentical hormone replacement for men of all ages
    Comprehensive testing, done easily from home
    Thorough laboratory analysis of results by ZRT Labs, reviewed by a licensed doctor
    Personalized male therapy program – pairing solutions with symptoms
    Quality compounded bioidentical hormones and pharmacy-grade supplements
    Nutritional guidance and support
    Customized men’s health and fitness programs

HRT Treatments Contact Information:

San Diego, CA

(888) 366-1063


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Facebook: HrtTreatments

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Breast Enlargement Surgery For Increased Confidence

Now that breast enlargement surgery is both commonplace and safe, its extremely common for women to opt for the procedure as a way of bolstering their self esteem and confidence. The natural boost given to a woman who has had a small bust, when she has completed her surgery and gained possession of a fuller breast size, can be a healthy and reasonable augmentation to the overall lifestyle she wishes to lead.

That said, there are considerations that all women should take strongly into account before opting for breast enlargement surgery. Broadly these fit into two categories: psychological and physical.

Psychologically speaking, it is extremely important for any woman considering breast augmentation to be completely honest with herself about her expectations for the results of the surgery. Having your breasts enhanced or enlarged is not the same thing as having your personality changed or your life reinvented. In other words: breast augmentation can work wonders for a woman with a healthy mental attitude, who has always wanted slightly larger breasts but it isnt going to change the world of a woman who perhaps has more deep seated neuroses to deal with.

One of the best ways of determining whether you are embarking on breast enlargement for the right psychological reasons is to have an open and honest conversation with your consultant. Any reputable consultant, at any reputable establishment, will quickly determine whether or not your reasons for wanting breast augmentation are right or not or whether perhaps you have a higher psychological expectation for the operation than you should.

Then there are the physical considerations. Any woman wishing to undergo breast enlargement needs to consider her own future well being. In terms of motherhood breast augmentation can in some cases impair a womans ability to feed her children. As such, women are advised to wait until they have completely founded their families before they become candidates for enlargement surgery.

In addition, women are reminded that the maturing process, while quicker in women than in men, takes a lot longer than you might imagine. A woman under the age of 20 is very unlikely to be a good candidate for breast enlargement her own breasts will not have completed their natural growth by this point. Women are also reminded that having children can permanently alter the size of your breasts so women seeking breast enlargement prior to having children are doubly unlikely to be good candidates.

Where your candidacy is good, the procedure is simple enough. Three normal types of augmentation procedure, with incisions either around the aureole, in the crease under the breast, or at the arm pit, are performed, depending on the current size and dependence of the breast. Two variations of augmentation placement are used either sub muscular or sub glandular. In each individual case, the consultant surgeon will advise on the best placing of the augmentations.

There are always side effects to watch out for in any kind of surgery. Breast enlargement surgery can carry a certain degree of post operative pain, which may last for a few weeks as the muscles of the neck and back get used to carrying around a different weight at a different angle. visit:

BBC direct offers breast augmentation surgery and breast enlargement surgery abroad at affordable prices in Prague, Europe. For more info visit:

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Importance Of Leak Detection System

A Water leak seems like a small problem but if neglected it can become a big and expensive issue. These leaks can cause a lot of damage to our homes and offices by damaging furniture, interior finishing etc. and can cause even weaken the structure of the building by causing rusting in iron rods, beams etc. So one should follow all practices to detect and repair these leaks. There are a number of leak detection systems available nowadays.

There are basically two types of water detection systems – Active system and Passive system. The passive systems make a buzzing sound when they get wet. They use a technology called noise acoustic data loggers. In this technology sound is directed down a pipe. A break in the pipe produces higher conflict and the sound intensity increases which is detected by data loggers and this determines the presence of a leak. Whereas active system makes a sound and stops the flow of water on detection of a leak. It also uses sensors to identify the location of the leak. Active detection instruments are further classified into two categories – individual and whole appliance systems. As the name suggests individual systems check and detect leaks on a single appliance whereas whole appliance systems check for leaks on the whole system. These use a lot of moisture sensors to achieve this. Passive systems are battery operated and need to be charged periodically.

Sonic leak detection equipments like geophones are used to detect sound of water escaping a pipe. Going through your records of the amount of water used a sharp increase in water consumption can indicate a leak. Water tanks used in toilets can be detected for leaks by carefully listening for a hissing sound. Leaks in swimming pools can be detected by loose tiles, broken shells and checking if there is a regular loss of water. Copper pipes should be regularly checked too for rust as they are highly prone to rusting.

Leak detection is a laborious work and requires patience. Small leaks can be taken care by you but try not to fix bigger leaks by yourself as you can really mess it up. They should be handled by the experts only. It is always better to check the pipes and joints regularly for leaks so that a small leak can be detected and repaired before it could cause further damage. 

My name is Kelvin Bardon and I have been writing articles for many years. Here I am sharing information on Leak Detection System

Breast Implant Houston

Many women are hesitant to undergo breast implants because they either find it too expensive or are reluctant to undergo it. Fortunately, there is a breast implant Houston procedure that they can resort to because it is inexpensive, they can recover from it quickly, and experience less trauma and stress from the procedure. Presently, two million women have tried this procedure and were very satisfied with the results. Women can try this procedure wherein it involves feeling their breasts with silicone or inflating it with saline solution. First, a silicone gel is placed inside a silicone shell to form a breast implant.

Secondly, an inflatable saline implant is a favorite alternative for many women because they do not have to worry about large incisions. Furthermore, saline is used to inflate the implant. Before this procedure can be done, a resident doctor will have to discuss first the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure to potential patients. The object of this breast implant Houston procedure is to ensure that incisions will be made on the right places, so scars will be less visible. Incidentally, the target areas are around the nipple wherein the incision will be concealed very well although women may not be able to breastfeed their own children as opposed to other sites that are for incision.

Another part where an incision can be made is under the breast which is also called inframammary. Like the first target area, a woman may have difficulty in breastfeeding her child and there is a possibility of getting bruises or bleeding skin. Despite the hassles, the procedure will take only sixty minutes or two hours at them most. After the procedure, the incisions will be stitched and taped up to ensure maximum protection. Also, to speed up the healing process a gauze bandage will be used to cover the breasts.

When incisions are made the specialist will lift the skin and breast tissue and makes it possible for a pocket to be created underneath the chest wall muscle or at the back of the breast tissue. The result is that the implants will be placed directly beneath the nipples. A variation of this breast implant Houston procedure is that the breast implant can be done behind pectoral muscle. This will not affect the skin very much, but surgery may take awhile and the recovery period is longer. Nonetheless, lesser scars will appear and there will be a better imaging of the breast parts during mammography.

For those who want to experience lesser pain, shorter surgery and recovery period a subglandular placement will provide the much needed comfort. This variation will leave the muscles intact and the ones to be cut are fats and skin. It is possible that large implants can be used although mammography imaging may encounter some difficulties with this option. These breasts implants will make women feel good about their appearances although they need to undergo a future procedure and replace the initial implants. Breasts implants in Houston should be considered by women.

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Best Skin Lightener For African Americans – Beyonce’s Favorite Skin Lightener Revealed

Skin lightener for African Americans includes various creams, lotions, soaps and pills. Everyone craves lighter and flawless skin. Usually human skin ranges from black to colorless but the fact is that everyone wants to wear fair skin. Most people also undergo laser treatments and other non-surgical techniques for attaining a lighter appearance, which can be extremely dangerous in the long run. It is always advisable to take up natural and safe methods for reforming your skin tone.

Most of the bleaching creams contains Hydroquinone which is touted to be one of effective ingredients for whitening your appearance but the side effects caused by this ingredient is indeed shocking. Hydroquinone can cause various deadly diseases such as leukemia, liver damage and thyroid problems. In order to treat your membrane naturally and safely, you should completely avoid its usage. Only 2% Hydroquinone is allowed by FDA. There are other harmful chemicals such as mercury and steroids, which should be avoided.

There are various alternatives of Hydroquinone such as arbutin, alpha-hydroxy acids, kojic acids, azelaic acid and vitamin C. An African American should preferably apply creams containing these ingredients for inhibiting the production of Melanin in their body, which causes darkening of membrane. There are many home treatments available too. You can apply honey facemask and mint mask for cleaning your covering and brightening it up. Lemon juice is also beneficial for nourishing your appearance.

It is advisable to apply these creams and packs late night before going to bed for better results. One should also sleep for at least 8 hours daily for avoiding other skin problems such as age spots, freckles, wrinkles etc. Lately on Tyra’s Show, Beyonce declared her favorite skin lightener to be cosmetic giant L’Oreal.

Meladerm is one of the most effective bleaching cream, which claims to diminish age spots and skin discolorations with ease. It can easily inhibit the production melanin and consequently reduce the appearance of age spots, birthmarks, scars, freckles, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. The absence of Hydroquinone content in this product makes it user friendly and safe. This product lacks side effects and contains nature-based constituents such as mulberry extract, lemon juice extract , kojic acid , lactic acid etc.

Sensitive area skin bleaching needs to be done with caution & care to remove dark spots and skin discolorations. To know more about the best skin Lightening creams that work & have no side effects

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Ways to Detect Colorectal Cancer

Colon or Colorectal cancer, is one of the leading contributors to cancer deaths in the US. This cancer, just like other cancers, must be caught early so that you can have it properly treated. Although the tests may be difficult and uncomfortable for you, it is most wise for you to be able to know early if you have this cancer so you’ll be able to do the necessary actions for you to survive.

Calculate the risk. As with many health issues, colon and rectal cancers can have a family tendency. To find out your risk level for this cancer, you should examine the medical history of your immediate family members. Have any of your family members been victims of colon or rectal cancers previously? How old were they when they were diagnosed? Watch out for inflammatory bowel disease which is a sign of cancer. It is imperative if you have experienced any issues with your colon at any time in your life to have regular screenings done by your doctor.

Be conscientious of your bowel movement patterns. Your feces can show if you are at risk of getting colorectal cancer. Take note of the frequency and consistency of your bowel movements. If anything arises make an appointment with your physician right away if you notice any changes in your bowels. In addition, keep an eye out for any rectal bleeding. This might be an early indication of a developing a cancer.

Do not ignore stomach cramps. One other method of detecting colorectal cancer is by paying attention to your abdomen. Stomach cramps and stomach irritation are indications that your bowels have something to communicate. Schedule an appointment with your physician to have a rectal screening immediately.

Make sure that you receive the appropriate screening. Aside from keeping tabs on the telltale signs of this cancer, you may still need to get a colon screening done to be able to know for sure. Your doctor may suggest a Fecal count and sigmoidoscopy as one of your 3 options, an annual fecal occult blood test along with a flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years.

A standard screening method used to detect colorectal cancer is colonoscopy. They are looking for lesions of the abnormal nature that could be cancerous, with a tiny camera inserted in through your rectum into your cleansed colon. Typically, these will be performed at intervals of ten years.

Another option is the double-contact barium enema. While it is unpleasant, it functions to enable detection of colon and rectal malignancies. Your doctor will do this procedure every 5-10 years.

As a rule, screening should begin at 50. You may want to get it checked out earlier if you’ve had this in your family history. Early detected Colorectal cancer is already half-treated.

Tiffany Provost writes about colorectal caner symptoms and other health and fitness tips for

IEEE Projects | Automated Feature Extraction for Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in F

IEEE Projects | Automated Feature Extraction for Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Fundus Images More Details: Visit…

Herbal Breast Growth Herbs Enhance Size Naturally

A lot of women have full and large breasts. Moreover, the size of the breasts or a woman hopes or reduced their self-esteem. And very natural that every woman should be beautiful, and the size of their breasts plays an important role in their personality.

It is often the size of the breasts dictated by fashion. Because of the size can vary from woman to woman, and if there is no best size and shape of breasts. Moreover, symmetrical breasts are rare, and most of the women whether they big or small, whether lower or higher can be. However, the size does not affect a child’s ability to educate girls.

Furthermore, expanding them with the help of herbs, but the safest option for the size of her breasts to increase so many ways. Furthermore, breast enlargement herbs because they are completely natural, no user can cause adverse effects. And with the help of herbs since ancient times, increasing the size of breasts. Furthermore, the most popular women’s time trial, the ability to breast enlargement herbs. Moreover, natural herbal breast only increase, but as users improve overall health.

1. Palmetto has the most useful herbs for breast enlargement. Furthermore, it increases the size of the breasts used to naturopaths. Moreover, an effective regulator hormone. It is also possible the enjoyment of his close ties to enjoy the female libido to encourage. And it’s a girl to seduce his personality regulate weight gain.

2. Damien is commonly used to treat psychological problems. It stimulates the production of breast tissue to be fancy, but it is one of the best breast enlargement herbs. Furthermore, it balances the hormone levels in the body in improving health care in the reproductive system. In addition, effective use of female reproductive problems treated. Furthermore, the female reproductive system to strengthen, regulate menstruation.

3. Dong Quai popular solution for gynecological problems. It stimulates the mammary glands that produce tissue, but it is one of the most effective breast enlargement herbs. In addition, it increases milk production and increase blood flow. Moreover, blood and other body fluids that improve the health of a woman all clean.

4. YAM is a useful wild herb for breast enlargement, and sexual stimulant. Furthermore, it increases the production of progesterone used to treat PMS. In addition, monthly menstrual pain and cramps in an anti-inflammatory herb relives.

In the end, as mentioned above for the natural breast enhancement herbs contributed, can enlarge breasts. Furthermore, by improving her personality attractive and young, who want to see how the herbs can be used by any woman.

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Three Brothers Bakery Recognized for Exceptional Entrepreneurialism

Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

Houston fifth generation favorite, Three Brothers Bakery, and its ownership, were recognized by Ernst & Young for its entrepreneurialism in the consumer products category. Janice Jucker, bakery co-owner, was named a finalist for Ernst & Young’s 2014 Gulf Coast Area Entrepreneur of the Year, one of only two women finalists this year.

Janice Jucker, co-owner of Three Brothers Bakery and passionate advocate of breast cancer awareness, has been dedicated to helping Three Brothers Bakery grow and thrive, most recently including opening a third location. Janice was nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award as a result of her successes after graduating from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses.

“I am honored to have even been named a Finalist in this extremely competitive space, among these businesses and professionals who have achieved so much in their industries,” says Janice Jucker, co-owner of Three Brothers Bakery. “I want to thank the Ernst & Young awards team for including Three Brothers Bakery and for putting together such a prestigious awards program, as well as Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses for the nomination.”

The EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards ceremony took place June 26 at the Hilton Americas Houston, where 41 of the region’s most talented, resourceful and successful entrepreneurs, including Jucker, gathered to celebrate each other, and honor the 10 award winners.

For more information regarding Three Brothers Bakery and its award-winning history or Janice Jucker’s story, please contact Allison Huseman at 713-225-0880 or allison(at)integratepr(dot)com.

About Three Brothers Bakery

The traditions of Three Brothers Bakery began in Chrzanow, Poland circa 1825, and were preserved despite the family’s concentration camp imprisonment during the Holocaust. Their miraculous liberation, and subsequent move to Houston, brought Eastern European scratch baking traditions to 4036 S. Braeswood Blvd , 12393 Kingsride Lane, and 4606 Washington Ave where the owners are now proud to call themselves “memory makers who just happen to be bakers.” Perfecting the process for almost 200 years, each day the fifth generation bakers produce mostly dairy-free breads and pastries, cookies, a full line of specialty dessert cakes and pies, as well as custom birthday, special occasion, wedding and groom’s cakes using only the highest quality ingredients.

The Three Brothers Bakery pecan pie was named “the best mail order pecan pie America has to offer” by Country Living magazine, bakery owner, Bobby Jucker competed in the popular ‘Food Network Challenge’ and has been seen on Food Network’s Outrageous Food. Three Brothers won “Best Mail-Order Pies 2012” from Bon Appetit, as well as Modern Baking’s “2013 Retail Bakery of the Year” and was part of The Knot’s “2010-2013 Best of Weddings” and “Hall of Fame” picks. Most recently, Three Brothers Bakery was named #11 in “America’s 50 Best Bakeries” by The Daily Meal, and was awarded the 2013 Jeffrey Butland Family-Owned Business of the Year by the Houston division of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Three Brothers Bakery is a certified Woman-Owned Business through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and a State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business.

Follow Three Brothers Bakery on Facebook and Twitter for Houston area news, information and events.

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Yoga for Cancer

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years to improve physical and emotional well-being. Empirical research on yoga has been ongoing for several decades, including several recent studies conducted with cancer patients and survivors.

Read more on Yoga for Cancer and Swami Ramdev Yoga and Herbal Supplements

Practicing the various yoga poses for cancer help in eliminating the toxins, increasing the levels of energy, and improving the functioning of the inner systems and organs. Practicing yoga for lung cancer is effective in bringing relief to the symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath.

The practice of yoga for cancer therapy has come to be widely used as a complimentary treatment to facilitate the healing process and also to minimize the ill effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Pilates is another discipline that cannot be neglected. Practicing Pilates for breast cancer patients can be very useful in revitalizing and helping the mind and body to recover. Patients usually face a lot of mental and physical challenges after the surgery and treatment of breast cancer. A lot of emotional stress can be experienced with just the thought of living with a condition that is life threatening. Practicing the smooth flowing movements combined with proper breathing techniques help improve posture and balances the muscles .This is important in recuperating from the side effects of the treatment of breast cancer.

Yoga for cancer

Yoga can be a powerful tool for healing; particularly since it can help reinforce the immune system. For people suffering from cancer, Yoga can be a real source of empowerment – since one can practise oneself.

In yoga, we deal with the body is through the practice of physical postures (called asanas). These invigorate and balance all the systems within the body – circulatory system, respiratory, digestive, nervous system, musculoskeletal, endocrine, reproductive and urogenital system. When something goes out of balance, the whole body gets affected. As a result a number of asanas are practiced in sequence to deal with the whole body.

Yoga practice is always patient specific, depending upon which parts are affected, the type of cancer one is suffering from (or had), and the patient’s physical abilities. The physical exercises and asanas in Yoga work in a number of ways on the internal organs and the systems of the body, especially the nervous system. This also includes the joints, muscles and ligaments. Yoga affects ones breathing, posture, circulation, digestion, elimination, plus physical strength, stamina and flexibility.

 When practicing a particular asana, the patient must do what he / she can without generating more pain. There may be some discomfort, but going to the point of sharp pain will not in any way benefit the practitioner. Oftentimes the asanas seem easier if the patient actually practises less.

These Yoga sessions also help the cancer patient cope with the traumas that accompany a diagnosis that, as anyone afflicted by cancer knows, carries with it emotions which can be rather devastating at times – shock, fear, anger, guilt, anxiety and grief to name a few. According to Yoga, the most effortless breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques can go a long way in helping the patient deal with them. They can also be of significant help in dealing with the anxiety of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

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