Finding Out More About A Breast Cancer Charity

Unfortunately thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer of one form or another every single month. The good news is that the odds of beating the disease are getting better all the time. There are also several charities out there who will provide support and advice to sufferers and also to the friends and family they have around them.

Breast cancer support is very important to many women. Support can be offered in lots of different ways. One of them is by providing a well thought out website on the internet that women can access right around the clock. Most charities have such a website and this will cover information, advice and insights into breast cancer whenever they are ready to learn more about it.

A breast cancer charity will typically raise money to help them raise awareness of the disease and how it affects women and their families. In addition to this they will also donate money to fund research into this form of cancer. This is done in the hope that new treatments and possibly eventually even a cure can be found to eradicate the idea of breast cancer altogether.

Another common thing you will notice when you are looking for a Breast Cancer Charity is that they will have a range of products that are designed to raise awareness and funds all at the same time. This is good news if you want to show your support of the charity by purchasing things from them to wear or use in some way.

But the charities also provide lots of Breast Cancer Support in various different ways. For example they will sometimes have an online forum that members can use to talk to other people who also have the disease. Family members and friends can also often use these same forums to get in touch with people who are in the same situation they are.

Other methods of helping people with the disease include providing in depth information that will help people who are at the very start of their journey with the illness. People often have questions they didnt think to ask their doctor at the time of diagnosis. Visiting a proper website that is dedicated to helping those who have breast cancer will help answer most of the questions you could have.

There is no doubt that charities are needed and valued in the fight against this type of cancer. But the more we can do to help fund them and support them from now onwards, the closer we will get to find the cure we are all hoping for. Charities really could make all the difference.

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Early Mobile Networks

If you want to make a few calls when you’re on the move nowadays, you can get yourself a package that will give you a free phone, with unlimited calls and texts, as part of an affordable monthly payment plan. Back then, you had to be pretty well heeled in order to be able to afford to make just one call on a mobile phone!

The world’s first fully automatic mobile telephone system, memorably dubbed MTA (Mobile Telephone system A), was developed by Ericsson and was made available in Sweden in 1956. This was the first system that was able to operate without the need for a technician plugging things in at the transmitter base, but due to the valves it employed in its electronics, it was very energy inefficient and was extremely heavy. The invention of transistors in the early sixties paved the way for a lighter, less power-hungry model, the MTB. The MTB network had managed to get 600 well-heeled Swedes to subscribe to it by the time it was closed down in 1983, and as such could be considered much more successful than its predecessor.

In 1971, the American telecommunications giant AT&T submitted a proposal for a cellular mobile telecommunications network called the Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS), to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). After years of hearings, the network was given the go ahead in 1982, and the AMPS network was allocated frequencies between 824 and 894 MHz. The AMPs network was upgraded from the old analogue technology in 1990 and is still in use today in upgraded form.

Among the first truly successful commercial mobile phone networks to be available to the civilian population, dubbed ARP, was set up in Finland in 1971. ARP is often thought of to as being a zero generation (0G) cellular network, in that the technology was more advanced than early systems such as MTB or RAT, but not as advanced as some of the formats that were to follow, such as AMPS, which are considered to be of the first generation of cell phone technology as we now know it.

A fully automatic mobile phone network for civil use, named the Altay system, was set up in Moscow in 1963. By the 1970s, coverage had been expanded to incorporate over 30 cities in the USSR, and is still in use in some regions as a trunking system. A portable automatic mobile phone system, going by the name of RAT, was introduced in Bulgaria in 1966, and could serve up to six users per base station.

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Early History of Suzuki

Suzuki takes its name from Michio Suzuki who was born in a village called Hamamatsu which is located on the Japanese coast about one hundred miles outside Tokyo in the year 1887. This areas main industry was textiles producing both the textiles and the machinery or looms as they are called that produce the product. Michio learned everything about this trade and also became a master carpenter capable of building looms and looked more at how to improve them rather than just make them. He came up with the idea of using pedal power to drive a loom and in 1909 he started his first small workshop which he called the Suzuki Loom Works to build his new pedal powered loom. His machine was a popular success and he continued to redesign and improve his looms making them the most advanced and well build looms of the time.

By 1920 he made his now well established workshop into a company with the intentions of building looms that were superior in every way to those produced by any other company on the planet and he named it the Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company. It was this change and the subsequent success over the next two years in setting up a successful export trade that allowed the company to become a world leader in textile machinery and gave a solid foundation from which it could grow and diverse into other products. Michio realized that because his looms were so well built that in order for the company to continue to grow other products would have to be produced. He took a very simplistic approach to this by looking at what the people around him would benefit from most and he concluded that transportation which was both cheap and reliable the biggest problem. He worked on this new venture learning about the engineering required and designed a vehicle but unfortunately it never got off the drawing board as Japan entered World War II.

After the war Japan was in a mess and the Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company was struggling to survive when in 1951 the cotton market collapsed. By this time Michio’s son was heading the company and he looked back to his father’s idea of providing cheap transport which had even more importance now than when his father first looked at it. He came up with an idea that was cheap and popular to help the transport problem. The bicycle was the most common form of transport in Japan at that time so he designed and patented an engine that could be fitted straight onto a pedal bike. Called the Power Free bicycle it was designed and built in 1952 completely by Suzuki at an affordable price and was built to be reliable and easy to maintain. This was a great success and helped people immensely and also impressed the government who gave him a grant to continue research into motor power. The research and development continued with new designs introduced and in 1953 the Diamond Free engine made Suzuki the winner in the Mount Fuji Hill Climb. The following year saw the company change its name to the Suzuki Motor Company Ltd. They started producing motorcycles with the first called the Colleda closely followed by their first automobile a light car called the Suzilight which produced in a mass production line another new concept for the company. By 1965 they had grown into a worldwide company and expanded into the marine sector producing their first Suzuki outboard motor called the d55 a two stroke 5.5 horse power engine.

Today Suzuki is a world leader in many different fields with production plants found on all continents and is still as dedicated to research and development as the day Michio Suzuki started producing pedal powered looms in 1909.

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African Safaris

The African Safari is a tradition which goes back many years. The word safari has its root in the Arabic word safar which roughly translated means to make a journey. This was then borrowed into Swahili as safari and simply cane to mean to travel. In its original context a safari would refer to any kind of travel and was often used in the context of travelling long trade routes. The modern connotations of khaki shorts, pith helmets and great adventure only came later.

The earliest African safaris were therefore not relaxing holidays but where in fact trading operations. The Arabic and African cultures established great trade routes between them on which large caravans of traders would travel across vast distances to trade their wares. The rich resources of Africa meant that many profitable and highly prized objects were traded throughout Africa on those early African safaris.

As colonisation began European trade caravans quickly joined in on a large scale. European safari caravans were generally very large and required huge numbers of staff to crew them and vast amounts of supplies to sustain them. Some of the routes they travelled became known to be particularly treacherous and required very careful and skilful navigation and bartering to get through safely. This was particularly true as they began to trade increasingly in slaves as well as other precious materials.

It was only with the ending of the slave trade that the purpose of African safaris shifted from one of trade and commerce to one of adventure and exploration. it was at this point that naturalists and explorers such as William John Burchell and Gustav Fischer redefined what it meant to go on safari. They went on exploratory travels throughout Africa identifying and cataloguing new animals that they encountered.

It was also at this time that African safaris became known for another popular pursuit, namely hunting. African safaris soon became synonymous with hunting trips with many enthusiastic hunters travelling to Africa in the hopes of bagging the most impressive trophies.

It was this era of African safaris that gave us the connotation of adventure and exploration that are still associated with safaris today. Ironically we also have these early hunters to thank for much of the conservation movement concerned with African wildlife today. This is because many of the great hunters kept great records of their time in Africa. Their stories, writings, drawings and paintings crated a greater awareness of Africa igniting the idea of conserving it for generations to come.

Nowadays African safaris are simply considered a luxury holiday option. While they might still be associated with adventure most of the wildlife shooting is done with cameras and the treacherous travelling by trade caravan has been replaced with landrovers. The modern African safari involves game drives and walking tours, cocktails at sunset and catered meals under the African stars. But if you long for the iconic African safaris of yesteryear do not despair, for while the pith helmets might be in short supply the khaki shorts still abound.

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African Leaders Mindset

There are little things some African leaders should be subjected to before taking over power. They should be appreciative, of ‘little things’, which the creator has bestowed on the continent.

A visionary leadership cannot come to be: going by the unpopular actions and decisions of some African leaders. Without a vision, a people perish. Little things begat great things. They need to sit back and think hard for once especially those countries that are in different shades of turmoil.
As I have remarked elsewhere, no foreign nation outside the fringes of the continent will waste their real resources to chart a path of progress for black Africa. Africans simply have to do it themselves. The intrinsic nature of Man is about self-preservation, survival and opportunism.
Morals? Yes, that could be negotiated. Nobody easily gives you what you deserve until you negotiate.

It is a pity that in most parts of black Africa and I will made bold to say that, what engages many so-called leaders are very ‘surface’ things, bordering on ephemeral issues.

Elsewhere, secrets of successful human development and nation building are open secrets.
The men of influence in Africa can only bring themselves to discover these secrets if they break things down to basics. The so-called little things they tend to ignore.
Of course, a dose of patience has to be in tow as new structures and values are being put in place.

These little things are part of our essence; they make us complete as part of humanity.

If in doubt, lets take a few moments to reflect and explore the impact of this mindset and values amongst our fellow homo sapiens in those countries; those countries some African rulers rush to, on mere suspicion of even malaria attack- a tropical disease. They gleefully make noise about their departure and arrival during such trips! ‘My boss just came back from abroad for general checkup” a Personal assistant would proudly announce to the local press.

Only if we can use God given comparative advantage to have the best of resources including state of the art hospitals- manned by highly motivated personnel- in the continent.

I believe wherever we were born, we did not have a hand in it at procreation. This is accepted. It was not by accident, therefore, we can as well make our own part of the planet a better place.
This goes beyond religion that many African nations now hide behind as a temporary shelter for being ineptitude.
Let us think about ‘little things’ may be our warped value system will change for the better because the rest of the world is waiting for our real contribution to this global space.

Muyiwa Osifuye is a photographer based in Africa. He works within the thematic, documentary and commercial modes. (catch a glimpse of his limited edition works at His documentary works explore the rich cultural heritage of his country, Nigeria. Major international exhibitions and events continually show his thematic works which address cogent issues that he feels are necessary for a global understanding. He is a regular columnist in a prominent Nigerian newspaper and a budding writer; sharing his thoughts and perception about humanity as a whole.

Bleaching Cream For African Americans – Best Bleaching and Whitening Cream For Ebony Skin Revealed

Bleaching cream for African Americans usually include nature based products. Generally human skin color ranges from black to colorless and the best part is everyone employs bleaching to enhancement of his or her looks. Fair people are considered beautiful conventionally. Everyone craves to look fine and elegant with a bright appearance but it is always advisable to know the ingredients before buying any product.

There are various bleaching creams available in the market and every cream promises to diminish skin discoloration and dark spots. Mostly people pick up wrong creams and pills, which consequently makes them prone to various skin complications. Some people also carry out laser treatments for rejuvenating their skin, which can be extremely harmful for them in the long run. Usually African American exhibits a darker skin tone, which can be easily transformed. Most celebrities such as Beyonce, Oprah and Halle Berry are African Americans but they flaunt a reasonably lighter skin tone. It is advisable choose the right bleaching cream for a dramatic makeover.

Here are some tips to choose the best bleaching cream for African Americans

* Avoid the presence of Hydroquinone in your cream. It is one of the most effective bleaching agents but FDA bans its usage because of its cancer causing properties. This ingredient can also cause diseases such as thyroid disorders and liver damage.

* One should select nature-based creams for attaining greater benefits without any side effects.

* It is always advisable to consult a physician before undergoing membrane whitening.

* You should know your skin type before purchasing any cream.

Meladerm is one of the most effective skin bleaching creams, which claims to diminish dark spots and discolorations with ease within 2 weeks. This cream can inhibit the production of Melanin in your body, which consequently provides you a lighter skin. This cream contains nature-based ingredients such as kojic acid, lactic acid, emblica powder, bearberry extract, alpha arbutin, lemon juice extract etc. It can also reduce the appearance of freckles, old scars, birthmarks and melasma.

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