Request A Test Offers 10% off of Lyme Disease Testing in August 2014

Brecksville, OH (PRWEB) August 04, 2014

This August, Request A Test, a leading national provider of direct to consumer lab testing, is offering 10% off of all testing for Lyme Disease. To take advantage of this discount, customers just need to use promo code LYMED10 when placing an order. Summer is upon us and with everyone spending more time outdoors, the risk for illnesses like Lyme disease is significantly higher. Lyme Disease is spread through tick bites and can cause serious health problems if left untreated. Blood testing for Lyme can help a person identify an exposure so they can work with their doctor to be treated as soon as possible. Request A Test offers a number of testing options for Lyme Disease such as the IgM antibodies test which can be used to detect a recent exposure or the popular Total and IgM Antibodies test which can help distinguish between recent and past infections. Both of these antibody tests include an automatic reflex to a Confirmatory Western Blot test to verify any positive or equivocal results. Through Request A Test, anyone can order blood testing for Lyme Disease without the necessity of making a doctor’s appointment for a prescription or getting approval from an insurance company. Testing is affordable and easy to order and customers have access to 1000′s of convenient lab sites across the country. The ability to order their own testing allows people to take charge of their health and become aware of potential medical problems before they become more serious.

Lyme Disease is contracted through exposure to the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria which is commonly spread by Black Legged Ticks also known as Deer Ticks. While Lyme disease is not the only disease spread through tick bites, it is the most common. According to research conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as little as 10% of Lyme Disease cases are reported. Part of the reason for this is that many people fail to realize they have even been bitten. The ticks which spread Lyme secrete a numbing agent which causes many people to not even feel the bite and the ticks themselves can be as small as the head of a pin. Many of the early symptoms associated with Lyme Disease are common to other conditions such as the flu. These symptoms can include fever, chills, headache, or fatigue. The most distinctive indicator of Lyme Disease is a round “bulls-eye” shaped rash around the site of the bite. However, some people do not develop this rash or may have it in an area of the body that is difficult to see. If left untreated, Lyme Disease can cause severe joint inflammation and arthritis, facial paralysis, numbness in the arms and legs, impaired memory and irregular heartbeat. In some cases fatal complications can arise from damage done to the heart, lungs, and nervous system. Prompt treatment with antibiotics can cure Lyme Disease in most people but early diagnosis is key. The CDC recommends a 2 step blood testing process to screen for Lyme Disease. An initial antibody test which looks for IGM antibodies for a recent exposure or IgG antibodies for a past infection is commonly done first. The antibody test is typically followed up by a Western Blot test to confirm any initial results that come back positive or indeterminate. Neither test should be taken as definitive on its own. It is always important to follow up on positive test results with a doctor.

“Summer is a great time to focus on the health risks posed by Lyme Disease,” says Noelle Perez, founder and President of Request A Test. “We hope people who are at risk for Lyme Disease take advantage of this savings opportunity to get tested and take the first step in protecting their health.”

The chance to save an extra 10% on Lyme Disease testing is only good through the end of August 2014. Use promo code LYMED10 when ordering any test from Request A Test’s Lyme Disease category to save. To learn more about Lyme Disease testing or any of the other services provided by Request A Test, go to or call 1-888-732-2348 to speak to a representative.

About Request A Test

Request A Test is a national lab testing service operating on the edict that knowledge is power. They are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, same-day testing, no hidden fees and an informative, easy to use website. Request A Test is partnered with two of the largest certified laboratories in the country to ensure that clients receive affordable and accurate information in a high quality, professional setting.

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Enterprise Imaging Speeds Forward with Visage 7 Upgrade

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

Breast imaging enhancements spearhead latest release

Visage Imaging Inc. (“Visage”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro Medicus Ltd. (ASX: PME), announced today that they have released version 7.1.5 of the Visage® 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, including optimized navigation and tools, and significant speed enhancements to Visage 7’s already industry-leading performance with massive digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) studies. These new features further strengthen Visage 7’s impressive breast imaging capabilities, providing a formidable single platform for enterprise imaging. Visage 7 enables enterprise imaging with amazingly fast, thin-client, server-side processing technology, as well as simple mobile access to imaging results via Visage Ease(SM).

Visage 7 continues to set the standard for enterprise imaging, enabling even the largest imaging organizations and health systems to dramatically transform the interpretation and delivery of medical images. Using a single powerful viewer, Visage 7 enables the multi-modality display of a full complement of radiology, cardiology and non-DICOM images, including comprehensive support for breast imaging workflow. For example, two DBT studies—a current plus prior —represents 12 Gigabytes of data when loaded via video card for the real-time display of full-fidelity data. Due to Visage 7’s ultrafast server-side processing, the entire set of studies can be displayed in seconds even using cable-broadband network connections. In contrast, legacy PACS requires the 12 GB of DBT data to be transferred in advance to the reading workstation for radiologist interpretation. Best case transfer speeds of 12 GB of data over a 100 Mbps link is more than 16 minutes, and over a 1 Gbps link, more than 1.5 minutes. This legacy network transfer has to be performed predictively, off hours, and saturates at-risk networks. Instead, Visage 7 provides nearly immediate display. Visage enables imaging enterprises to stay ahead, providing radiologists and referring physicians nearly immediate access to DBT studies as they are needed, without artificial limitations to workflow.

Visage 7.1.5 includes the following enhancements:

Improved multi-modality breast imaging workflow, with multiple concurrent magnifiers, quadrant navigation, optimized mammography text overlays, DBT navigation and targeting tools, as well as improvements in lossless compression optimization resulting in even faster image display.
New balloon tool provides level-set segmentation from any thin-client.
Enhanced, yet simplified, sophisticated linking of multi-dimensional volumes.
64-bit support for Mac OS X.
Visage 7 Backend Server support for Windows Server 2012 R2.
Optimized enterprise-wide supportability and monitoring tools.
“Visage 7’s server-side technology represents an imaging revolution, delivering on many of the attributes you’d expect and more, but perhaps unexpectedly, Visage provides freedom,“ said Dr. Sam Hupert, Chief Executive Officer, Visage Imaging and Pro Medicus. “With 7.1.5, Visage allows imaging organizations the freedom to take back control of women’s imaging, enabling the interpretation of multi-modality breast imaging studies, and all other diagnostic modalities, with a single viewer. Visage 7 offers organizations a step-change of speed and accessibility that really has no compare due to Visage’s server-side architectural advantages.”

In support of the Visage 7.1.5 rollout, Visage is pleased to announce the “Visage 7.1.5 Private Screening”, a tailored series of customer-focused web conferences. Each Visage 7 customer will be offered an exclusive, one-on-one introduction and demonstration of Visage 7.1.5. Customers are encouraged to contact Visage at support(at)visageimaging(dot)com, noting “Visage 7.1.5 Private Screening”, with their preferred date and time for their personalized web conference.

In addition, Visage Imaging will be exhibiting at the upcoming Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) 2014 meeting, May 15-17, Long Beach, CA (Visage Imaging Booths 331/333). To schedule a priority demonstration and/or meeting, please click here.

*Visage Ease is not a medical device and must not be used for diagnosis.

About Visage Imaging, Inc.

Visage Imaging is a global provider of enterprise imaging and advanced visualization solutions for diagnostic imaging. Visage 7 delivers amazingly fast server-side rendered images streamed via an intelligent thin-client viewer. Radiologists and referring physicians have a customized, protocol-driven workflow to natively view 2D, 3D, 4D and advanced visualization imagery across a single desktop. Powerful imaging solutions include enterprise viewing and interpretation; image enablement of EMRs, VNAs, HIEs and portals; RIS/PACS, as well as anywhere mobile access.

About Pro Medicus Limited

Pro Medicus Limited [ASX: PME] is Australia’s leading medical IT and e-health provider. Founded in 1983, the company provides a full range of integrated software products and services to hospital, imaging centers and health care groups worldwide.

# # #


Brad Levin, General Manager, North America and Vice President, Global Marketing

Visage Imaging, Inc./ Pro Medicus Limited

Phone: (703) 858-5758 or (540) 454-9670

E-mail: blevin(at)visageimaging(dot)com

Visage, Visage Imaging and Visage Ease are registered trademarks and service marks of Pro Medicus Limited. Other product and company names mentioned may be trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Breast Augmentation

If you are not happy with your breast size or by their shape then you have probably thought about breast augmentation or implants. Before you go any further know that this is a very serious procedure and there maybe serious consequences. The media always advertises beautiful women having nicely shaped good sized breasts but we never see what these models go through to look like that. Why can’t we ever see normal all natural women on billboards or on TV? Why don’t we hear all the horror stories that happen with breast implants? Well there maybe some women that are very happy with their new boob job and have no complications but make sure you know what the possible consequences and risks are before you decide to have the surgery. There are the post surgery side effects and also the risks of deflating or rupturing the implants.

Any surgery you have will have the common post operation side effects like bleeding, extreme pain, swelling, redness infections as well as side effects from the anesthesia. It may take some time for these symptoms to clear up and you’ll probably feel better in a month. But there have been reported cases of lingering pain in the breasts which is probably why many celebrities decide to remove their breast implants. Don’t turn your cheeck; if you are sure you want to do this you should know the advantages and the disadvantages and ask yourself if it is worth your health.

Other post operation side effects include seroma and hematoma. Hematoma is the when you lose a lot of blood and seroma is the swelling of serum or bodily fluids under the skin which will need to be drained.

The biggest risk with breast implants is the chances of them deflating or rupturing. There are many ways they can deflate or rupture. Too much pressure, an accident, overfilled or under filled implants and even age. Your body will begin to break down the materials and may cause a rupture. The problem with ruptured implants is that the gel can not be completely removed and can become very serious if it enters the bloodstream.

Over time as you age if you are lucky and never have any complications, implants may still harden. Companies have been working on improving this but it is known that implants become undesirably harder over time making the breasts look hard and synthetic.

Now that you know a few of the risks in breast implant and breast augmentation you should still do more research and understand the process very well. You learned that there is post operation after affects and the possibility of inflating or rupturing implants that also comes with more serious risks. You also learned that implants can age and appear harder. These are only a few things from many to learn before you make this huge change.

Cynthia writes online about breast implant cost and also writes about breast augmentation surgery cost.

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The Joseph Nogucci eBay Store is Now Open for Business

Toronto (PRWEB) July 30, 2014

With more than 225,000 Facebook fans and a rapidly growing fan base, Joseph Nogucci has become a household name in fashion jewelry and accessories. Now loyal fans and new customers alike can purchase Joseph Nogucci items in the new Joseph Nogucci eBay store.

In 2013, Joseph Nogucci was named a Success Story by Facebook for its impressive use of the social media site to drive traffic to their website, market their items, gauge product popularity and increase online sales. Now the company has plans to take its branding to the next level by making its mark on eBay.

In June, company co-founder Mario Lavorato was a featured panelist for an education session at the 2014 STORE Retail 360 Conference in Toronto titled, “Creating Opportunity Together: eBay and Omni-Channel Retail.” During the session, Lavorato and fellow panelists Andrea Stairs and Kevin Wolfley of eBay Canada, discussed online integration, sales and omni-channel retail strategies in a global marketplace.

Through its partnership with eBay, the brand has advanced its own omni-channel retail strategy. Mario Lavorato said of eBay, “With 145 million active buyers around the world, we are excited about utilizing the incredible opportunity that eBay provides to broaden our fan base and further expand our brand.”

“We are thrilled to have Joseph Nogucci launch their branded eBay store with us,” said Kevin Wolfley, Manager, Large Merchant Strategy. “We believe that their style and brand represent a key demographic in the Fashion and 3D Printed Jewelry market. Given their high level of social engagement we expect a strong partnership and we welcome them to the eBay family of international brands.”

To celebrate the launch of the Joseph Nogucci eBay store, their designer semi-precious charm stone bracelets will be 50% off (exclusively for eBay customers) through August 3, 2014. The brand’s full line includes an expansive variety of jewelry designs and specialty housewares. Joseph Nogucci also owns the designs and exclusive rights to Morfologi, a line of 3D printed archi-jewelry, and IRIS, a Murano Bead & Charm brand that focuses on lamp work glass designs and silver and crystal charms. IRIS beads are compatible with Pandora, Chamilia, Persona and more.

About Joseph Nogucci:

Founded in 2011, Joseph Nogucci is a design firm based out of Toronto specializing in proprietary designed jewelry. The Nogucci Brand also owns the designs and exclusive rights to both the IRIS brand of beads and charms and Morfologi, a line of 3D printed archi-jewelry. The brand appeals to a young, up and coming demographic with a focus on trend setting design by a team of University of Toronto Architecture graduates. Joseph Nogucci, IRIS and Morfologi represent a design collective dedicated to offering quality, well designed products with an attention to detail, craftsmanship and customer care. A company with heart, Joseph Nogucci has proudly raised funds for numerous social good causes they are personally connected to such as Cystic Fibrosis Canada, the It Gets Better™ Project and the Breast Cancer Foundation of Canada. Visit To visit the Joseph Nogucci eBay store, go to Follow Joseph Nogucci on Facebook and Twitter.

About eBay:

Founded in 1995 in San Jose, California, eBay Inc. connects millions of buyers and sellers globally on a daily basis through eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, and PayPal, which enables individuals and businesses to securely, easily, and quickly send and receive online payments. We also reach millions through specialized marketplaces such as StubHub, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, and eBay Classifieds sites, which together have a presence in more than 1,000 cities around the world. eBay is visited by more than 8 million unique Canadian per month (comScore Media Metrix: November 2013). For press inquiries about eBay, please contact Megan Vickell at 416.934.2028 or via email at mvickell(at)eBay(dot)ca.

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70-088 Exam Prep

70-088 Exam Prep
Exam Soon Microsoft 70-088 actual tests is offered to help you test yourself to see whether you have mastered the Conducting Microsoft MCSE knowledge firmly and have the ability to make the right choice. The price on the page of 70-088 is only for the PDF file, not including the Self Test Software. If you need the test engine, we will especially provide it free for you. When you have no idea about the Microsoft MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) exam while studying, we will be your study guide. Prep Cram 70-088 Exam Prep can help you master the Microsoft 70-088 knowledge by clearly showing you the key points required in the exam. With the help of our 70-088 Exam Prep you will learn better without attending other expensive courses.

70-088 study guide
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Microsoft 70-088 exam
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TestKing 70-088
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70-088 exam questions
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I am certified in MCSE, A+, CCNA, 10G DBA, PMP and few other certifications. I wite articles for eCommerce websites like BeITCertified and prepcram and many others. My moto in most articles is to tell the students; how to clear a certification exam without using braindumps.

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Breast Actives Review

When I first started researching breast enlargement products  I found it difficult to find unbiased user reviews where they wasn’t someone actually selling the products – therefore I decided to write this Breast Actives review based on my own experience of using it.

Honestly after doing some research online you’ll find that there are only about 3 or 4 main breast enlargement products – there are hundreds of products available of course, but many aren’t very popular (probably due to the fact that they don’t really work!). I’ve heard that many of those scam products are nothing more than a placebo, and it’s not always easy to get your money back either.

Anyway, what I specifically wanted was combo product (pills and cream), so I ended up choosing Breast Actives based on consumer feedback I’d read on a forum (from women who HAD tried it). I was still quite skeptical as I wasn’t really sure whether a product with natural, herbal ingredients would actually do much good, but I was comforted by the fact that there was a money back guarantee.

All you have to do is massage the cream into your breasts each morning, and take 2 pills per day. To be honest, I didn’t begin to see results straight away (which didn’t exactly add to my confidence), however I persevered and after about a month and a half I noticed a definite size increase (my bra was tighter). I continued the Breast Actives program for a full 6 months, and I’m delighted to report that by the end of it I had increased by a cup size and a half (my target).

Results are dependent on the individual, but consumer feedback online suggests that the vast majority of women see a very positive size increase. This increase is permanent, so you can stop using the program as soon as you reach your desired size. Most women seem to achieve optimum results after about 6 months of use (currently Breast Actives have a special offer where you can get 6 months worth for the price of 4).

Anyway, I hope you’ve found my Breast Actives review useful. If you would like more information on this product please check out the links below.

If you seriously want to increase your breast size quickly and permanently, this proven breast enlargement pill has helped thousands of women worldwide gain up to 2 cup sizes in a matter of months.